Ms. Morgan Davis

Jaguar- School Mascot
Picture of Ms. Davis playing the flute

About Me

Hello! My name is Ms. Davis, and I am from Lumberton, North Carolina. I graduated from Liberty University in December with a degree in Music Education. I worked as a substitute teacher for a semester, and now I am excited to begin my first year as a full-time music teacher. In my spare time, I love to play the flute, read, and play volleyball. I look forward to teaching at Jones this year!

Music Teacher

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:45 - Planning

8:25-8:45 (Wednesdays)- EC

8:45-9:45 - 4th Grade

9:40-10:30- 3rd Grade

10:35-11:15- 5th Grade

11:20-11:45 - Lunch

11:50-12:40- 1st Grade

12:45-1:35- Kindergarten

1:40-2:30- 2nd Grade

2:30-3:00 Planning


Grades in Music class will be reported on the following scale:

M= Mastery

S= Satisfactory

N= Needs Improvement

U= Unsatisfactory

Grades are based on class participation, in-class assignments, tests, and mastery of NC music standards. The standards can be found on the NC DPI website.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me if you need anything! I check my email several times a day.

School Phone Number: (252) 265-4020 (ext. 2761)