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Posted below is a list of resources published by the NC Department of Education in collaboration with the NC Association for the Gifted and Talented. It is a beneficial resource for ALL students.


May 29 - Happy Last Day of School

Though it may not be a traditional last day of school for most, take a moment to celebrate all of the successes you had this year!

May 28 - There's Nothing to DO....Do it Yourself!


may 27 - Wide Open School by Common Sense MediA

Here are links to their family resources by grade level to keep you learning through the summer!

May 26 - MArk rober

Former NASA Engineer turned science YouTuber. Check out his Squirrel-"proof" Bird Feeder!

Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

may 22 - The NAture of Restoration

Quest 20 - The Nature of Restoration

may 21 - the nature of plastics

Quest 19 - The Nature of Plastics

may 20 - the Nature of Climate Change

Quest 18 - The Nature of Climate Change

May 19 - The Nature of Biodiversity Loss

Quest 17 - The Nature of Biodiversity Loss's National Devil's Food Cake Day! There are lots of good recipes to try out on this rainy Wednesday. Happy Baking!

May 18 - Week 4 of EArth School Begins - THe Nature of Change

Quest 16 - The Nature of Deforestation

may 15 - The Nature of plants and forests

Quest 15 - The Nature of Plants and Forests

may 14 - The Nature of oceans

Quest 14 - the Nature of Oceans

may 13 - The Nature of air, weather and climate

Quest 13 - The Nature of Air, Weather and Climate

may 12 - The Nature of biodiversity

Quest 12 - The Nature of Biodiveristy

May 11 - Week 3 of Earth School: The Nature of Nature

Quest 11 - The Nature of Water

may 8 - THe nature of farming

Quest 10 - The Nature of Farming

may 7 - the nature of transportation

Quest 9 - The Nature of Transportation

may 6 - 2 items for the Day

1. The Nature of Medicine

Quest 8 - Then Nature of Medicine

2. Carnegie is offering MATHia (math coaching software) free to all students through the summer. Parents can sign up HERE.

may 5 - The Nature of Engineering

Quest 7 - The Nature of Engineering

May 4 - Earth school starts Week 2: the nature of society

Quest 6 - The Nature of Design

Happy Star Wars Day

may 1 - The energy we need

Quest 5 - The Energy We Need

april 30 - The Homes we Live in

Quest 4 - The homes we live in

April 29 - What's A smartphone made of?

Quest 3 - What's a smartphone made of?

April 28 - Quest 2 - The Clothes We Wear

Quest 2 - The Clothes We Wear

april 27 - Earth School Begins

Sadly, we will not be meeting in person for the remainder of this year. BUT, as the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. Welcome to TedED Earth School. Each day from now until the end of the school year, I will post a daily Quest from Earth School. These lessons follow a weekly theme and will give some structure to our activities. Week 1 - The Nature Of Our Stuff

Quest 1 - The Food We Eat

april 24 - Food from farm to table

Explore these resources to learn more about how farming feeds the world. Then, try you hand at a Cornucopia, a STEM game that put you in charge.

Our Hungry Planet: Food for a Growing Population

Cornucopia a Kitchen Windowsill Garden from Kitchen Scraps.pdf

april 23 - Grow veggies from Kitchen Scraps

april 22 - Earth Day celebrates its 50th year

24 hours of action

april 21 - Explore Earth with Nasa Satellite images


april 20 - Welcome Back! I hope you had a restful break!

This Wednesday is Earth Day! Let's celebrate the Earth this week, starting with our National Parks. Submit your responses via email.

National Parks Week Project

april 10 - have a safe spring break

Stay active and keep your brain busy. Try some of the activities listed below! I will be back after break with more ideas. Feel free to email a suggestion (or 2) for future posts!

april 9 - Chewy, Fudgy or Cakey Brownies??

Bake on Spring Break, lots and lots of brownies! How do you take the same basic ingredients at turn them in to different types of brownies? (Hint: ratios and chemical changes).

Crash Course Kids 19.2

Chewy vs. Fudgy vs. Cakey Brownies

How were they? Send me an email to let me know which type of brownie was your favorite!

april 8 - Learn a new language

Duolingo is a free language learning platform. Choose from 36 different languages (including Klingon for any Trekkies out there).

april 7 - Assistant Principal Appreciation Week

Create a digital Thank You card and send it to your principal. Google Draw and Adobe Spark are 2 possible tools to help you make these. Email your card to your AP!

April 6 - Face Mask Challenge

Can you upcycle a face mask? Do you sew or have you never picked up a needle and thread? Here's a link to the CDC's directions for making cloth masks to get you started.

Check out Laura's mask below!

Face Mask photo

april 3 - Field trip friday - Mars

Two links for you today. First explore Mars with the Curiosity Rover. Then check out Virtual 4-H Space Camp's Design a Rover Challenge (Thanks Mrs. Watson for sharing!)

Email your rover and I will add it to the page!

Rover You Can Live In

april 2 - Think about it Thursday

Everyone is WELL aware of the dramatic changes we are experiencing to our everyday lives, but did you know the Earth, as a whole, is experiencing changes, too. Before you check out this short article, write down what you think some changes might be. After you read the article, do some research on one of the changes. It can be one in the article or an entirely different one.

Popular Mechanics

april 1 - Worldly Wednesday

Check out these indoor family activities from National Geographic. Indoor Family Fun - National Geographic

march 31 - Biomimicry and Innovation

Following Nature's Lead

March 30 - Mathematical Monday

Not all math involves computation. Mathematical thinking is full of patterns.

March 27 - Geography

Test your map skills with Seterra. Free online map quizzes for my future GeoBee winners!

March 26 - Jazz

Merriam-Webster - 1. American music developed especially from ragtime and blues and characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisation, and often deliberate distortions of pitch and timbre

Click the link and scroll down to listen: One O'clock Lab Band - University of North Texas

March 25 - Census Activities

This month your family received a letter from the Census Bureau with an online code and invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. What is the 2020 Census? How is this information used? What can YOU learn from the information collected in the 2010 Census? What changes do you think will show up? Do you think more or fewer people will participate this year?

Student Flyer Spanish Chinese Arabic Vietnamese French Japanese

Maps to Explore


March 24 - -

A free and open computational thinking playground. Modify expressions, build simulations, and play games to experience the joy of math! There are sections for elementary, 6-8 and 9-12. Need a boost getting started? Click here for a short YouTube introduction.

Hate math?

People often develop a negative relationship with math early in school. Sound like you? Here is a free online course that combines mindset and math. IT is from Jo Boaler, a stanford professor and math education specialist.

(even if you love math, you might find it interesting- for more, go to


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