Company Quotes

Take a look at what participants of our 2019 show had to say about their experiences!

What was the BEST part of being part of the after school music program at WJHS?

        • The best part was building a family with the other cast members
        • Being part of a team and making something together
        • Getting to form a production with great people
        • I got to step out of my comfort zone and meet new people
        • Making amazing friends, and forming new bonds with beautiful and talented people (both inside and out)
        • Being part of an ensemble of people who all love theater!
        • Sewing
        • The best was the connection of people
        • Watching the audience
        • The relationships/memories
        • The bonds and unforgettable friendships

What things did you learn that will help you in the theater?

        • I became much more confident with singing
        • Projection and pronunciation, and acting on a stage
        • I learned about how to flash yourself towards the audience
        • How to project and sing
        • I learned to be helpful
        • Be patient and the result will end up perfectly
        • How to build stuff
        • Better singing
        • I learned so many acting and singing tips along with warmups and social skills

What things did you learn that will help you beyond the theater?

        • More confident in general.
        • I can be confident with other people
        • How to cooperate as an ensemble
        • I learned about stage presence, and confidence, which will really help me in life!
        • I learned to be patient
        • Again, patience.
        • Going with the flow
        • Listening/collaboration
        • Social skills! I learned so much from BATB!

Anything else you’d like us to know

        • It was an unforgettable experience! I learned SO much!
        • I love the musicals!
        • It was really enjoyable
        • Thank you so much for the show!
        • Thank you so much Ms. B. and Ms A. I’ll definitely stay in touch from Portugal. You guys gave me the world and so much more.