LMC Policies

The Highcrest Library/Media Center follows all policies described in the Wilmette District 39 student handbook. However, some of our policies differ from elementary schools based on age level and responsibility. Here is a brief description of all our policies and procedures. Please email Mrs. Ilene Harris, the Library/Information Specialist, with questions: harrisi@wilmette.org.

Behavior Expectations

The Library/Media Center is still a classroom and place for learning. All students are expected to model high standards for behavior in the LMC, just as they would in any space at Highcrest.

Student Visits

Our LMC follows a flexible model. Students can visit the LMC independently during Homeroom, Recess, or briefly after school (until 3:50pm). Their teachers may also schedule whole-class visits for book talks and checkouts. If visiting during Recess, they must bring a pass.

Checkout Policies

  • Students may check out up to 5 books at a time on their account.
  • Students may check out 1 current Caudill Award book at a time.
  • Students may check out 1 Reading Challenge book at a time.
  • The Wilmette Public Library has multiple copies of each Reading Challenge book as well as the Book on CD, Playaway, eBook and eAudio if available.
  • Check-out periods last 3 weeks. Students may renew items twice after that (up to 9 weeks on one item).
  • It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the safety of the item, and return it.
  • Students are restricted to 1 e-book at a time on Follett Shelf to maintain fair access to the school community.

Overdues / Student Notifications

  • We do not charge late fines in the LMC.
  • Students receive paper overdue slips in Homeroom weekly on Tuesday mornings. If they have questions or concerns, they should speak to the LMC staff directly.

Lost & Damaged Books

  • If student loses or damages a book, they are expected to pay for it per the D39 student handbook. This transaction is handled by the LMC staff, not the HMS Main Office.
  • "Damaged" means the book is returned in a condition that is no longer "shelf-ready" or usable. Our staff can repair minor damage, such as rips and tears, or general wear-and-tear that occurs over time.
  • Payments must be made by the end of the school year. These are flat fees for types of media:
    • $10 for paperbacks.
    • $20 for hardcovers.
    • $40 for Playaways and other audio hardware.
    • Unfortunately, we do not accept replacement copies from Amazon or other sources. We originally paid for features such as plastic dust jackets, special heavy-duty binding, labels, shipping, etc. The flat rate covers these additional costs.