Your Wedding in 360

Relive your special day!

The Experience

Your wedding is about so much more than speaking vows. It's about bringing your friends and family together to make a memory.

Now, you can keep that memory alive through the magic of 360 video! We're Rochester, New York's first dedicated 360 wedding capture studio, and we're here to bring you back to your favorite day, any day.

The Technology

We use low-profile cameras to capture every detail of your special day, without getting in the way! You'll get to watch - and hear - your most cherished memory from any angle. Many people don't even notice the cameras - which makes for the most authentic, candid moments!

We use multiple high-resolution cameras equipped with directional audio capture to create a full 360-degree VR experience.

The Memory

We help make watching your wedding video easy and fun! Your 360-degree video is simple to enjoy - with or without a Virtual Reality headset!

You have the option of receiving your 360 video on a USB disk, or YouTube, or both! We ensure you can access it anytime, from anywhere, and share it with anyone you'd like. 360 video can be watched in any web browser (see examples here), or using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, such as the mobile viewers included in all of our packages, for a fully immersive experience.

About Rochester 360 Weddings

Based in Rochester, NY, ROC360 Weddings is the first exclusive 360 video capture studio in the area. We use the latest in 360 capture technology to provide our clients with a new way to experience the joy of their wedding day all over again, as if you're watching it in-person. 360 video makes a great wedding gift, too!

360 video is easy to watch from anywhere, and Virtual Reality has been made available to anyone with a smartphone! However, the process of creating 360/VR content remains a technical challenge, involving stitching ultra-high definition video files, maintaining 3D fidelity, mixing surround audio, and processing tons of data. That's where Rochester 360 Weddings comes in. We take the headache out of 360 video production and distribution. Because we offer to store your 360 wedding experience in the cloud, it's future-proof against changes in media technologies (remember VCRs?), providing our clients with a virtual keepsake they can share with generations to come.