Featured Book

Featured Book

Contending For Rest

By Paul Y.S. Koo

Rest is an absolute essential for our physical, mental and spiritual health. In this book, readers will learn the power of spiritual and Biblical rest that would bring rest to your spirit, soul, mind, and body. You will discover the many principles of rest that would change the trajectory of your life. Get ready to be at rest for the rest of your life, while experiencing incredible/miraculous success in all areas of your life: Health, Finances, Mind, Soul and Spirit.


The simple and central message of this book, rest, is a word for today. When we can truly rest in just how much God loves us, I believe He will take us places we've never even dreamed.

- Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor, Lakewood Church

As a media producer, Paul Koo's book is a must read. "Contending for Rest" is a definite go-to-guide. In a fast-paced world, I've noticed a difference in my personal and work life as I've applied the Biblical principles outlined in this book. Paul's own experience has turned into a brilliant piece of work!

-Robert Melnichuk, Director, Western Canada, YES TV

Thank you, Paul, for writing such a timely needed book. I believe that there are many literally dying for the revelation found in these pages. This book has impacted me to be more diligent in the vital work of entering His Rest. I believe your life will prosper in every way as you contend for rest.

- John Burns, Founder, Relate Church & ARC Canada

This book provides a clear path to find that Rest based on eternal biblical principles and presents a challenging self-analysis, again scripture-based, to enable the motivated reader to begin the journey to the place of tranquillity from which we can function effectively and successfully in the centre of God's plan and purpose for our lives.

-Bishop Gordon McDonald, General Superintendent, Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada