Academic Institutions & Modules

University of St Andrews 2018

MSc in Global Health

Lecturer: Global Health & Health Security in Conflict

School of Medicine

MD5204 - Globalisation & Health

  1. Global Health & Globalisation
  2. Health Security in Conflict and Crises
  3. Migration and Environmental Challenges to Global Health
  4. Health & Global Justice

MD5205 - Inequalities and Inequities in Global Health

  1. Global Health, Inequalities and Iniquities
  2. The Internationalisation of Health
  3. Health Inequalities – Race & Ethnicity
  4. Ethical Intervention in Global Health

University of Manchester (2016-17)

Lecturer in Humanitarianism & Conflict Response

HCRI - Humanitarian & Conflict Response Institute

1. Module: Humanitarianism and Conflict Response: Inquiries (SALC60031)

Roles: Module convener, module development and lecturer (Postgraduate)

2. Module: Emergency Humanitarian Assistance (SALC62212)

Roles: Module convener, module development and lecturer (Professional Development Course)

See: https://www.hcri.manchester.ac.uk/study/courses/cpd/emergency-humanitarian-assistance/

3. Module: MSc Research Methods in Global Health (SALC78000)

Roles Module convener and lecturer. (Postgraduate)

4. Module: MSc Global Health Dissertation (SALC70000)

Roles: Dissertation advisor and module convener. (Postgraduate)

5. Module: Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response in Practice (SALC11071)

Roles: Lecturer and tutor (Undergraduate)

6. Module: Humanitarian Governance and Society (SALC11082)

Roles: Module convener, module development and lecturer. (Undergraduate)

7. Module: Humanitarian Challenges in an Unequal World (UCOL)

Role: Lecturer. (Undergraduate)

8. Module: Research Methodology in Global Health (SALC30051)

Roles: Module convener, lecturer and tutor. (Undergraduate)

9. Module: Development Studies (MOOC Online Course)

Role: Course instructor

University of St Andrews (2013, 2015-16)

Lecturer in Critical Human Security

School of International Relations

1. Module: MA Security Studies – Critical Security Studies (IR5036)

Roles: Module development, lecturer and tutor. (Postgraduate 2015-16)

2. Module: Power and Violence in World Politics (IR2003)

Roles: Teaching and tutoring. (Undergraduate 2013)

University of Glasgow (2014-15)

School of Politics and International Relations (Teaching Fellow)

1. Module: Narratives of Conflict in Israel-Palestine (Two modules)

Roles: Course development, teaching fellow. (Undergraduate)