Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find out if you’re available on my wedding day?

A: Please email us at, call us at (570) 435-7411, or fill out the form on the "Contact & Booking" page. We make every effort to respond to you within 24 hours; after all, our client service is as spectacular as our music.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Our pricing depends on what type of musical group you require, how long you'll need us for, and where your ceremony is located. Please get in touch, and we’ll happily provide an obligation-free quote.

Q: My friend hired a wedding ensemble, but they cancelled a few days before her wedding and caused her so much stress. Do you ever cancel?

A: No! We’ve never cancelled a wedding and never will. Once you’ve booked us, you’ve got us.

Q: What do your musicians wear?

A: We generally wear "concert blacks" (all-black clothing), though some couples prefer that we wear white shirts with black pants. Of course, if you're planning a costume/theme wedding, we'd be happy to try and figure out how to match the theme!

Q: Do you perform outdoors?

A: Yes, we do. Because our instruments are extremely fragile, though, we do require protection against extreme and/or inclement weather and will not perform outdoors in temperatures lower than 65° F.

Q: Do we need to meet in person?

A: It is not necessary to meet in person because all of the details can be addressed online or over the phone.

Q: Do you attend the rehearsal?

A: We have played countless weddings and are adept at timing the music to the correct length, so it is not necessary for us to attend the rehearsal. If you would like Jason to attend your rehearsal anyways, there is an extra cost for this service.

Q: Do you play at events other than weddings?

A: We do! We are more than capable of playing at corporate events as well as at private functions such as parties, anniversaries, business dinners, and trade shows.