Who can attend? Any three year old with an IEP, any four year old or five year old.

Do you have a 3 year old program? We do not have a three year old program, unless they have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), than they are then integrated into a class with 4 and 5 year olds.

How much does it cost to attend preschool if your child is 4? The SWVPPS grant funds 10 hours of weekly instruction, any additional hours is at the districts discretion. Lil' Raiders will be charging a $75 per month tuition fee for the additional time to support full day programming. Students qualify by turning 4 before September 15th of the current academic year.

What is the SWVPP grant? It is a grant funded by the state of Iowa which allows us to provide 10 hours of free preschool for students who are four years old. Click here for more information about the grant.

Why does the Lil' Raiders program have a tuition for 4 year olds? I thought 4 year old preschool was free. We have a tuition because the grant that funds the free programming only covers 10 hours of instruction per week. Our program provides over 20 hours of programming per week.

How much does it cost to attend preschool if your child is 5? If you are 5, preschool tuition is $225 per month. You will be required to pay the fee each month. Please contact Mr. Jepson for additional information.

Is tuition assistance available? Yes, tuition assistance is available for qualifying families through Iowa County Empowerment for both four and five year old students. Please contact Mr. Jepson for information regarding assistance.

Are there any other fees? There will be a one time fee at registration for supplies. A lunch fee throughout the school year will need to be paid for, as well.

What are the program hours? Hours are Monday - Thursday 8:15 am – 3:15 pm. There is no programming on Fridays.

Why isn't there class on Fridays? Fridays are spent planning and entering data for assessment. Classroom teachers will also attend professional development on Friday's throughout the school year.

What time is drop off? Drop off begins at 8:10 am, at the classroom door. A parent or guardian must drop off the student daily and sign them in daily. This is a requirement of QPPS.

What time does your day begin? Doors will open at 8:10 am. We start class at 8:15 am.

What time is pick up? Pick up is at 3:15 pm in the classroom.

What if I need to pick up my child in the middle of the day? You must sign your child in and out at the main office with the secretary.

Is transportation provided? Transportation is not provided by the school; however, if a sibling rides the bus to Mary Welsh, we can accommodate picking up and dropping off with a sibling (3rd grade or older). No additional stops/routes will be made soley for one student. An older sibling must walk your child to the classroom, as teachers will not be available to get students off the bus. Iowa County Transportation (ICT) also provides transportation for preschool students which costs $1.50/day. You will need contact them during the summer, as they do not start scheduling until August. The contact number for ICT is 642-7615. Financial assistance is also available through Iowa County Empowerment. Please contact Mr. Jepson for information regarding assistance.

What will be the teacher/child ratio? Our classroom maximum capacity is 20 students. There is one lead teacher and one associate. More associates may be in the classroom as needed for specific student needs.

What does a typical day look like? Our daily schedule is usually the same, allowing for additional time as needed for activities. We begin our day with centers in which the students have free choice. Snack is included during this time and is an option for students. We have a large group time, small groups, rest time, as well as time for cooking and science activities, and additional opportunities for individualized instruction as appropriate. There are two opportunities per day for large motor experiences both inside and outside. We also have library time each week.

Do you go on field trips? Yes, hands-on learning is the best way to learn! We enjoy visits to Lake Iowa, Wilson's Apple Orchard, Iowa City Children's Museum, Williamsburg post office, Williamsburg fire station, Marengo Memorial Hospital, Genoa Bluffs Pumpkin Farm and much more!

How long is rest time? Rest time is 45 min.

How many meals are provided? Two snacks are provided, as well as lunch. Each snack has two food groups, and lunch is served by the school in the cafeteria. You can see the lunch menu here.

How much does lunch cost? Lunch is $2.30/meal. You will need to pay for your child to eat each day but snack is provided at no cost. (Lunch cost is subject to change before the next school year.) You may also send a cold lunch each day for your child if you choose to. Financial assistance is available. Please contact Mr. Jepson for additional information.

What curriculum is used? Lil’ Raiders uses the Creative Curriculum in our classroom. Students are assessed using a variety of methods including observation, anecdotal notes, video, recording, and formal assessments. All assessments will be discussed during parent teacher conferences. The Creative Curriculum addresses all areas of development including: social, emotional, large and fine motor, literacy, math, social studies, science, arts, and technology. Visit the curriculum tab for more information.

What types of assessments are there in preschool and will there be updates about student progress? Many updates are provided throughout the year, but the two conferences are the two times when I will share all assessment information. Students are also given a formal assessment 3 times per year for literacy. This is called the Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDI's) - you can read more about it here. If you have older students and are familiar with their testing, it aligns with FAST testing for the older grades. You are more then welcome to ask for assessment updates about student progress at any time.

How many times per year are conferences? There are two scheduled parent teacher conferences, one in the fall and spring.

Do you follow the school schedule? Yes. We will follow the school calendar including all early dismissals, as well as no school days. There is no preschool on Fridays.