2020 Thesis Research Virtual Poster Session

Williams College Economics Department


Spencer Allyn

The Market Value for Art: As Seen with Computer Vision


Keileh Atulomah

The Role of Charitable Giving in Reducing the Poverty Rate in the United States from 2000 to 2015


Vijay Kadiyala

Asset-Backed Security Design with Quality Signaling and Heterogeneous Investors


Clayton Morikawa

The Role of Grade Sensitivity in Explaining STEM Major Persistence Between High and Low SES Students


Summiya Najam

Impact of Legal Interventions Against Child Labor: Empirical Evidence from Punjab's Employment of Children Act of 2016


Natalie Newton

Did the Flood Wash Away the White Picket Fence? The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Dynamic Processes of Gentrification in New Orleans, LA


Ahna Pearson

Does Raising Grandchildren Shift the Timing of Old-Age Social Security Claims Among Grandparent Caregivers? Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study


Haoyu Sheng

The Certification Game


Jacob Shuman

Storms, Public Opinion, and the Partisan Divide on Environmental Legislation


Hunter Wieman

Minsky Revisited: A Rational Expectations Explanation of Endogenous Boom-Bust Cycles


Divya Wodon

Regulating the Middlemen: An Analysis of Political Contributions, State Pharmacy Benefit Manager Legislation, and Prescription Drug Expenditures


Brenda Xu

The Effects of the Abbott Pre-K Program on District Outcomes and Demographics

Note: Daniel Jordan Alvarez completed a one-semester thesis in the fall and winter of 2019-20. The title of his study was "The Impact of Hurricane Maria Refugees on the US Labor Market."

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