GCSE History

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Introduction to the Normans for Year 10: homework support materials

Each of the tasks below are set for Ms Jones' class as their homework. Other classes might use them as well but the dates will be different!

Task 7: how did William reform the church?

Homework due date: Tuesday 9th October

Answer the following question in 2-3 paragraphs:

  • Explain what was important about the reforms to the church under William I? (8 marks)

You should write 2-3 paragraphs. In each one, you should include a precise evidence/examples and CAUSAL CONNECTIVES to explain the impact of the reforms:

    • because
    • this meant that
    • this led to
    • consequently
    • therefore

Use your notes from the lesson and the first 5 minutes of this video to help you. The parts of the video after this will be useful for our next lessons.

Task 6: how did William establish control?

Homework due date: Tuesday 11th September

Use the resources from the lesson and below to help you with this question:

  • Write an account of the ways in which William established control of England after his victory at Hastings in 1066. (8 marks)

One way that William established control was through his use of terror.

For example, in the North of England............... This created fear because................

These actions helped William to take control because.........

Use this sentence structure to write AT LEAST TWO paragraphs in your answer.

8.5 William's control IJO.pdf

Task 5: interpretations of Hereward the Wake

Homework due date: Wednesday 13th June

Use the video below to help you with this question:

  • How convincing is interpretation C about the rebellion of Hereward the Wake? Explain your answer using Interpretation C and your own knowledge. (8 marks)

To an extent, the source is convincing. The source shows…..[point from the source]. This suggests that…….. [inference]. This is convincing because…… [own knowledge] X2!

However, there are ways that the source is not convincing. The source shows…..[point from the source]. This suggests that……..[inference]. This is contrasted with the fact that……. [own knowledge] X2!

Interpretation C: adapted from The Feudal Kingdom of England by Frank Barlow

"Order was fast returning to the English kingdom. Only in the Fens, where Hereward and his companions were in posession of Ely Abbey, was the country unsubdued. The king decided to supress this last centre of disaffection. A short campaign based on Cambridge cleaned up the Fens. Hereward escaped and his future actions belong to folklore rather than history."

Task 4: how did William secure power after 1066?

Homework due date: Wednesday 6th June

Video 1: securing power after 1066 (begin the video at 1:30)

  1. What happened on Christmas Day 1066?
  2. How did William control the land? This was known as the feudal system.
  3. How did William use castles and churches for control?
  4. What did the 1086 Domesday Book survey want to find out? What did it show?

Video 2: revolt and resistance after 1066

  1. Who were the brothers who initially supported Edgar the Aetheling? What did they gain from swearing loyalty to William?
  2. Describe in detail the events of 1068, including what happened to the brothers and the rebellion in the north.
  3. How did Hereward the Wake show his resistance to William?
  4. How, apparently, did William respond?
  5. What happened in the end to Edwin, Morcar an dHereward?
  6. What happened to William after he died? What does this indicate about how popular he was as king?
  7. What was the long-term significance of William's reign?

Challenge: watch this extended documentary, adding to your notes about how William took control of England.

Task 3: the battles of 1066 - how did each battle lead to Harold Godwinson losing power?

Homework due date: Wednesday 23rd May

Three battles took place in 1066 that you need to know about:

  • The Battle of Fulford: 20th September 1066
  • The Battle of Stanford Bridge: 25th September 1066
  • The Battle of Hastings: 14th October 1066

For each battle, write an account of what happened in bullet points using the following structure:

One thing that happened was......

Another thing that happened was.......

This led/contributed to Harold Godwinson losing power because..........

Hint: you should take notes from the videos first, and then write your account!

Challenge: listen to the podcast (below the videos) and add additional details to your analysis of how each battle led to William's ultimate victory.

Task 2: claimants to the throne in 1066

Homework due date: Wednesday 16th May

Watch the video below and answer the following questions:

  1. Why was Edward's death "a disaster"?
  2. For each claimant to the throne, write 1-2 sentences to explain why this person had a claim to the throne. Also write down any reasons why they might not have a strong claim to the throne.

Challenge: listen to the podcast below to add to your knowledge before answering the questions.

Task 1: England before 1066

Homework due date: Wednesday 9th May

Listen to the podcast below and answer these questions in full sentences in your book:

  1. What was the Witan?
  2. Who was Emma of Normandy?
  3. Where did Emma send her sons and why?
  4. What deal did Emma make with King Cnute when she marries him, and why?
  5. When Cnute dies in 1035, who became king of England? How did Emma help him?
  6. How did Earl Godwin get involved?
  7. When did Edward the Confessor become king? How had he upset the English nobles, especially Earl Godwin?
  8. What did Edward the Confessor agree to after apologising to Godwin?
  9. What happened to Tostig, Earl of Northumberland?
  10. What title was Harold Godwinson given by 1060?
  11. "Something very interesting happens".....what was this? Why is this interesting? Why was it important for Harold Godwinson?
  12. What was the situation by 1065? You can draw a diagram to help you with this question if you like. What was the critical problem about Edward the Confessor's reign by this point?

You can also download the podcast from iTunes or Google Play (Android).