The Robinson Uyeshiros

Happy Holidays 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Holidays! It’s the most wonderful year, with two happy kids and a ton of fun.

Henry Robinson (1 year old)

Sweet Henry turned 1 this fall, and is racing around the house trying to keep up with his sister. He especially loves pushing doll strollers, rolling balls, and driving his trucks around. Vroom!

He still enjoys sleeping and eating, and especially likes spending time with his sister. Peek-a-boo is currently his favorite game, along with "One-two-three Yay!"

Alexandra "Lele" Robinson (3 years old)

Little Miss Lele turned 3 and has a lot to say about it. She is a singing, playful, active, vocal little kid with many ideas about clothing, friends, and birthday parties.

She loves splashing in water, riding bikes, eating special treats, and doing projects with others. Her favorite character is Dora the Explorer; her favorite song is "Let It Go," and her favorite colors are pink and black.

Will and Lauren

In 2016, Will worked as an engineering manager for Google in Mountain View. In 2017, he is off to a new adventure, working with a Google X company. Lauren continues to be a Product Manager for Local Products at Groupon. In 2016, she worked on building a delivery and takeout product.

We send holiday wishes and hope to see you in 2017!

With love, Will, Lauren, Lele, and Henry