The Robinson Uyeshiros

Happy Holidays 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Holidays! Once again it's our favorite time of the year, full of joy and fun. Two kids means a lot of running around!

Alexandra "Lele" Robinson (4 years old)

Miss Lele just turned 4 and is enjoying her time at school. She loves stories , and can usually be found playing pretend, putting her babies to sleep, or having a mermaid adventure. She also loves puzzles and books of all kinds. She has lots and lots and lots of questions about everything!

This year, Lele is really learning how to swim. She is happiest when splashing around in the water, and has been practicing in Hawaii with her grand- and great-grandparents, and also in Carpinteria with her cousins.

Henry Robinson (2 years old)

Henry (aka "HenBen" or "Henry Benry") sure has a lot of words. He is always ready for a game of chase, a good tickle, a puzzle, or throwing a ball. Trucks, trains, and airplanes remain some of his favorite things, in addition to anything with buttons, and his father's video games ("See guy! Guy jump! And run, super duper fas'!")

Henry's favorite food is pizza, and he continues to be able to eat 2-3 pieces per sitting.

Will and Lauren

Will moved to a Google X company in early 2017, starting a new adventure. Lauren is enjoying a year of building a mobile application for parents of small children.

We send holiday wishes and hope to see you in 2018!

With love, Will, Lauren, Lele, and Henry