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Mission : to be a physical local currency and become a NFT, DeFi and Oracle community token.

Wikimoney is a project consisting in reclaiming the right to mint coins through physical countermarking, like the punch-marked coins were. Indeed, the countermark makes it possible to assign a unique distinctive sign to an object (for example, in the form of a serial number). This uniqueness makes it possible to associate an NFT with each countermarked coin, itself associated with a time-stamped and geolocated digital image. A blockchain oracle traceability mechanism is proposed for this wikicurrency.

The interest of bitcoin is in the disintermediation of banks, not the artificial scarcity of this incorruptible blockchain. To become a common good, a currency must be able to be:

  1. editable by all (free minting rights),

  2. based on tangible energy resources (see metallism),

  3. taxable (stakeholding).

Advantages of Wikimoney :


Its origin lies in the problem of investors faced with the decline in purchasing power of silver for 40 years: wikimoney consists of limiting delivery costs and creating a private local cryptocurrency based on time.


The countermark multiplies tenfold or hundredfold the value of a token in a private local community. Its offer consists of countermarking currencies, whether legal tender or not, in a currency that is both fungible and non-fungible.


To carry out the countermarking, the “tools” used are holograms, typographies and cryptographies making counterfeiting expensive or impossible.


The owner contractually transfers ownership of the coin to the NFT in a decentralized collective stock; he undertakes to deliver the token on simple request to the holder of the NFT.


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