Edit your money !

Mission of the project : to be a physical local currency and become a NFT, DeFi and Oracle community token.

Wikimoney est un projet d'édition de pièces de monnaie.

Son premier intérêt est de se réapproprier la libre frappe de la monnaie en traçant la masse monétaire.

L'apposition d'une contremarque avec identifiant unique permet à un DEX de dématérialiser le transfert de propriété ;

le dernier avantage est de pouvoir transformer une monnaie légale en une monnaie stable majorée d'une prime d'émission.


Its origin lies in the problem of investors faced with the decline in purchasing power of silver for 40 years: wikimoney consists of limiting delivery costs and creating a private local cryptocurrency based on time.


The countermark multiplies tenfold or hundredfold the value of a token in a private local community. Its offer consists of countermarking currencies, whether legal tender or not, in a currency that is both fungible and non-fungible.


To carry out the countermarking, the “tools” used are holograms, typographies and cryptographies making counterfeiting expensive or impossible.


The owner contractually transfers ownership of the coin to the NFT in a decentralized collective stock; he undertakes to deliver the token on simple request to the holder of the NFT.


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