Woła Batorska


Now Accepting Volunteers for 2018

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Director: Robert Pine (contact)

WIESCO is excited to launch this new, six day program in a small town just outside of Krakow.

The Woła Batorska program started as an idea when our host participated in a WIESCO English program for adult teachers in 2014. Development continued in 2015 when program director Robert Pine visited the school under the Native Speaker at our School Program. It is a quality, well-furnished school in a nice location with wonderful students, all led by an enthusiastic headmaster.

Woła Batorska is a town of about 2,800 people located roughly 15 miles east of the great, historical city of Kraków. It is well located not only to Kraków, but also near to a variety of other interesting and important sites. A number of daily outings are being planned for afternoons as well as a full day outing to the mountains of Zakopane after the conclusion of the program.

This six-day program will be held for approximately 60 to 70 students ages 12 to 16. It will function similarly to other WIESCO programs with lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Each teacher should prepare three lesson plans to accommodate the rotation of homerooms.

Volunteers will be met upon arrival at Kraków airport or train station for transportation to Woła Batorska. Volunteers will be housed in the nearby town of Niepołomice and our hosts will provide daily transportation back and forth. Volunteers will also be provided three meals per day.

Program Director

Robert Pine


(630) 279-5646

Robert is a seasoned WIESCO program instructor and director. Please contact Robert if you are interested in volunteering or if you have any questions about the Woła Batorska program.