Stary Oskol, Russia

June 2 - 25, 2019

Director: Steve Merkel-Hess

The WIESCO English language program in Stary Oskol, Russia is now complete.

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About the program

Program Dates: June 3 - 21, 2019

The 2019 program is held at a sports camp facility outside the town of Stary Oskol, which was also used for our program in 2012. The program is sponsored by a local mining company.

This WIESCO program is unique in that it also has a STEM focus.

Program Director

Steve Merkel-Hess

(319) 512-8176

Steve Merkel-Hess joined WIESCO in 2014 as a teacher at our Siauliai, Lithuania program. He has since served as director of WIESCO's program in Vanadzor, Armenia. Steve taught elementary and junior high in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Iowa City, Iowa, for 35 years. After retirement he taught junior high and high school for four years at international schools in Egypt, Japan, and Sudan. He enjoys travel and photography.