Travel Dates: June 30 – July 8, 2018 Program Dates: July 2 – 6, 2018

Director: Robert Pine (contact)

WIESCO is seeking two instructors for our English language program in the city of Poznan. This is the fourth program at this highly regarded high school located on the edge of the Old Town.

The target is 30-34 high school students who currently possess good to very good ability in English. The aim is to expand their ability in the language through immersion in an environment of hearing, speaking, reading and writing American English while interacting with us and their fellow students throughout the day.

You will design (with our assistance if needed) lesson plans and activities to promote greater familiarity with the idioms and nuances of American English, to expand vocabulary, and to improve pronunciation and intonation while also informing students about American culture, history, etc.

Homerooms rotate between classrooms so all students experience all lessons from all instructors. Mornings are devoted to lessons. Afternoon activities can include discussions, music, special events, theater, sports, arts, crafts, movies, etc. This is a day program, so the late afternoons and evenings are free to independently enjoy the city of Poznań.

Poznań began as a small stronghold in the 9th century. It soon became the Polish capital under its first two kings. The first Polish cathedral was built there in 968. It and the area are considered the birthplace of Poland. During the Renaissance it was a major trading city. It has a fine old town with its famous Renaissance City Hall at the center. It boasts a great collection of museums, churches and historic sites. The city is very walkable, and possesses excellent tram and bus service. Furthermore, by train one can readily travel to other areas of Poland from the Baltic to the Tatras, or travel west into nearby Germany.

Program Director

Robert Pine

(630) 279-5646

Robert is a seasoned WIESCO program instructor and director. Please contact Robert if you are interested in volunteering or if you have any questions about the Poznan program.