Ready for a memorable and personally satisfying experience in a beautiful part of the world? If so, think about undertaking a two week summer conversational English teaching opportunity in the scenic mountains of Poland’s Lower Silesia.

For a seventh consecutive year, WIESCO is teaming with the modern, fully-appointed Władysław Reymont School in the scenic village of Bożków to provide a quality program of conversational English language learning to approximately 100+ Polish and Czech students, ages 10-18.

Bożków (“BOZH koof”), Poland, a small rural hamlet in the Sudeten Mountains straddling southwest Poland and the Czech Republic, is hosting native English speakers eager to help local students extend and refine their conversational language skills. This respected and steadily growing program will help learners prepare to meet important life and career goals, including highly sought-after entry into institutes of higher technical training and academic learning in Poland and other European countries.

In 2016, the Bożków program was recognized for excellence in innovation by Polish educational officials at both the provincial and national levels.

Bożków, in Lower Silesia 47 miles from Wrocław, third largest city in Poland and some two hours east of Prague, lay in former times on the fabulous Amber Route, in an area of immense natural beauty and economic potential.

WIESCO students and their parents are strongly committed to vocationally-oriented personal language learning, and are incredibly receptive to the customized learning program the camp offers. The opportunity for personal interaction between and among local students, their parents, associates and American teachers and staff is incredibly compelling and personally rewarding. Lifelong friendships are easily created in this special setting.

In 2018, the two-week Bożków program, June 25 - July 6, will feature project-based learning activities in Week One, with a special emphasis on personal expression through graphic design. These will focus on the theme "Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Poland's restored freedom in 1918."

Week Two will concentrate on activities-based learning, including indoor/outdoor sports and athletics, arts, crafts, music, games, intensive conversational practice and other organized diversions.

Eight to nine WIESCO teachers selected from among applicants who apply online and meet educational and health requirements, will take part. A number of positions for student assistants of high school/junior college age, who likewise apply online, are also available.

Daily camp experiences will be supplemented by afternoon and weekend excursions to noteworthy natural and historical sites in Poland.

Program Directors

Gina & Eric Lewandowski

(608) 833-9022

From left to right: Eric Lewandowski, Polish National Minister of Education Anna Zalewska, Gina Lewandowski

WIESCO 2018 Bożków Summer English Language Camp Director Gina Lewandowski and her husband, co-director Eric Lewandowski, are seasoned WIESCO professionals affiliated with the Bożków program since 2014 – two years as teachers and in their third year as directors. Gina is a career World Languages teacher with more than 25 years classroom teaching experience and is completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Eric is a retired senior university administrator and a former Fulbright fellow with extensive professional international experience. They are committed to providing a quality program experience for teachers and students alike.

Associate Director

Jim Kongshaug

Jim Kongshaug is a past director for the Bozkow program (2013-2015) and Bozkow (2012) and Daugavpils, Latvia (2009) teacher. Jim has been part of WIESCO since college where his passion for traveling and teaching abroad started with his experience in Latvia. Currently, he is a third grade teacher in Minnesota. Outside of school, Jim's interests include travel, history, and sports. While not directing a program, Jim enjoys assisting others with travel planning for their personal travels.