About us


Mission: The Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance (WICTRA) serves as the hub for collaborative cyber information sharing in a neutral environment of trust. Members from the private and public sectors, invited law enforcement, federal agencies, and academic interests collaborate to leverage cross-sector resources effectively analyzing critical, real-time actionable intelligence and respond to Wisconsin’s cyber threats.

WI Initiative: WICTRA’s organization, through vetted and trusted membership, breaks down information-sharing barriers, resulting in significantly increased capability. Building upon many formal and informal partnerships existing in the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors members can and/or will leverage resources not readily available through established paths. WICTRA strives to empower the public/private sectors to provide themselves a risk management solution resulting in mutual exchange of victim (non-attribution) cyber threat information in near-real-time. This actionable information is shared on a “need to know” basis between and among participating private sector, government, law enforcement, and intelligence organizations.

WICTRA’s ultimate goal is creating a non-attribution culture of trust, to the extent members are confident proprietary information is protected. Building a shared “cyber” consciousness across the organization facilitates adaptation to emerging threats and opportunities. Critical to success is aligning member self-interest through collaboration to defeat cyber threats and development of future cyber security professionals. Using a uniquely collaborative structure, success is achieved in delivery of timely, cost effective, actionable individual and/or collective response to protect individual critical sector assets, and improve our National Security.

Origins: Under the direction of the Adjutant General, in 2015 the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs (DMA), sought to establish a partnership with utility companies in Wisconsin to better plan for and respond to manmade and natural disasters. Over the course of two years, this initiative resulted in establishment of strong, trusted private/public partnerships. In December 2016, seeking to formalize the WI DMA/Utilities Partnership, representatives from each, met with the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA). This alliance, while focused on cyber information-sharing, met a “gap” identified within the DMA/Utilities partnership to “establish a shared cyber consciousness”. Quickly realizing the ACTRA model was a great fit, a group of cyber professionals incorporated WICTRA on Aug 1, 2017. WICTRA and ACTRA maintain extremely close ties as WICTRA continues to grow and mature as an organization. Internally within Wisconsin, DMA maintains close ties with state (Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center - WSIC)and federal Fusion Centers, WI Infragard and other agencies.