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School Payments System

Dear All

Following our discussion about Online School Payments at our recent parent council reps meeting, please find some updates below:

The point raised with regard to a deposit payment made in the past by cheque not showing in the online account. This is the school’s option whether to manually enter historic deposit payments so they have been advised that they can do this to keep all balances correct for parents. It was also noted that an auto-payment they had setup had not been collected – this is due to a current technical fault with the Capita backoffice system that is currently being addressed. When this was first flagged a message was placed on all parent homepages advising that auto-payments would not be collected at this time and for them to make any required payments manually through the platform until the issue is resolved.

The request for young people to be able to have their own ‘parent’ style account for paying toward their own costs is possible right now, they simply need to register for a mygovscot ‘MyAccount’ like a parent would.

The benefits of Online School Payments:

• The use of online payments mean parents don’t need to search for exact cash/write cheques to pay for school costs and can pay quickly and easily, at any time, from any device using a credit or debit card.

• The system removes the requirement for pupils to be responsible for carrying cash safely into school and ensuring it is paid toward the correct payment item.

• The system automatically and immediately records and receipts all payments made thereby removing any ambiguity about whether a payment was made, whether it was paid to the right item and whether the school recorded the payment correctly etc.

• Ultimately, the use of the online payment system means that school teams no longer have to spend time receiving, counting, recording, receipting and banking cash payments. This means that they are now able to spend that time on more valuable activities to support the school community, attainment and other key priorities.

What a Fantastic Fair!!!

Well, we had an absolutely amazing night at the Christmas Fair. It was an incredible success. The school was bursting at the seams with so many folk there. We would like to thank all the stall holders, the helpers, Santa in his grotto, the brass band, the singers and everyone else who helped to make it the success it was. Below are some pictures of this very special evening.

Survey for S1 - S3 pupils

Dear Parent/Carer,

Please read the information contained in the link below and let us know if you do not wish your child to take part in the survey....

Thank you,

​Mrs Esson

Leadership & Volunteering Opportunities

On Monday 6th November 2017 all year groups attended assemblies focusing on wider achievement opportunities and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 29 and 31 of the UN Convention focus on children being encouraged to develop their talents, potential and having the right to take part in a wide range of activities as well as learning to respect the rights of others, their environment and their culture.

To ensure that all pupils are aware of the volunteering /leadership opportunities on offer they have been collated into a booklet focusing on what is involved, what skills they could develop and the time they would need to give up. Pupils are being encouraged to apply for these opportunities. Please have a look at the booklet and encourage you child to get involved. This activities can help develop their skills for work as well as enabling them to work towards their Saltire Award and/or SQA Volunteering Skills Award.

I have attached a copy of the booklet. If you have any questions, please phone and ask to speak to Mrs Prendergast (PT Raising Achievement) or Mrs Hunter (Acting DHT).


Volunteering Opportunities presentation

Leadership & Volunteering Opportunities application form

Parental Involvement

We would like to thank all the families who completed our questionnaire in June on parental involvement. We have had a look at the results and devised an action plan, which we wanted to share with you (see below). These are all a work in progress and I will keep you updated, particularly on the development of our parentzone.

Parental Involvement Action Plan

Burns Supper

We very much regret that the Burns Supper schedule for 24th January has had to be cancelled. Unfortunately tickets sales were lower than expected.