Homeschooling is a way of educating kids without sending them to public or private schools. Usually, this means kids being taught at home by their parents. Parents choose to home school for many different reasons. There are also a variety of styles and techniques used for homeschooling. Sometimes one parent stays home to teach the children. Other parents might work part time jobs and take turns teaching. There are different resources and materials to help parents teach. Home schooled kids usually do activities outside of their homes and even go on field trips. Depending on the style the parent chooses, there are similarities and differences to public schools.

So, why should you learn about homeschooling? One reason is that more and more people are doing it. An estimated 1.8 million U.S. children were home-schooled in 2012. This is more than twice as many who were home-schooled in 1999. Also, more diverse families are choosing to home school. Families are also homeschooling their children for longer. One big reason homeschooling is getting more popular is because of technology. There are many resources and online classes like ABC Mouse and Khan Academy. Videoconferencing and social media are other resources that can help home schoolers learn and connect with others.

We hope our website helps you learn a little more about homeschooling, a few families' home school experiences, and what research says about its effectiveness. We think this may change your perspective or opinions!

A.J, Bela, Carlos, Mia, `Nicholas, Rayanna, and Tristin

5th Graders in Mrs. Hawkins' Class