About us

With our new president committed to keeping us independent and true to our original mission, and the return of a much higher number of students than expected - 700+ - let’s start the academic year (and the next fifty years) with an outpouring of love and promise for the future of our school and the transformation of higher education. #nextchapterchallenge It’s as important for many folks to give small amounts as for some folks to give large amounts - it shows the breadth of support to our major donors and agencies that have oversight of the college. We had a challenge to match the first $100,000 dollar-for-dollar - and blew past that number like we did last spring.

Study: apply.hampshire.edu

Donate: donate.hampshire.edu

Work: jobs.hampshire.edu

How we started

Way back in January of Two Thousand and Nineteen, we first met at Haymarket Cafe in Northampton, discussed old times, and how to help Hampshire now. Since then we have been very active, meeting weekly in Northampton, and planning various activities to help out. A number of our members attend meetings on campus and help with various activities. Our meetings have included alumni from every decade of Hampshire's existence, current students, staff, faculty, and parents of alumni. One of the independent alum fundraising groups was run by some members of our group but now the pledges have been transferred over to the college. Until commencement we are meeting at Hampshire instead. We have also had some social events like the one at Mill 180 Park and the "Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl" film and fundraiser.

Local Frogs Now

After commencement we may move meetings back to Northampton but meet bi-weekly. We may have additional structured social events and casual ones, try to help Hampshire faculty/staff/students affected by layoffs, and just do the regular networking, social, and fun activities that alumni groups can do.

Save Hampshire

We are suggesting that people donate directly to donate.hampshire.edu More fundraising ideas will be posted here soon!

Next Social Event:

Stay tuned here, on Facebook, and/or email movies@podolsky.cc to be added to our email list.

Lots happening over the summer having to do with Hampshire. Click here to watch President-elect Wingenbach's greeting to Hampshire College.

Hampshire Community Calendar

This calendar includes events created by our local group, some other local Hampshire alum groups, and some campus groups. Please click here to access the calendar.


We post events and Hampshire related announcements in our Facebook Group. Feel free to join the group. You can also make your own posts or reply to posts made by other people.


Here is a link to our newsletter page. From this page you can see two google groups, one is for this group, and the other is for the re-envisioning coalition which meets at Hampshire. If you are not signed up yet, it will show you links to sign-up for these groups. You will then receive the emails or can view them online. You can also email the rest of the group.


Brand new: @LocalFrogs

Thanks to Mark Tuchman for illustrations. See more of his work in Taking Root.