Course Goal

Students in Microsoft IT Academies benefit from world-class Microsoft curriculum and software tools to tackle real-world challenges in the classroom environment. In the first part, students will learn to use the newest version of Microsoft Word interface, commands, and features to create, enhance, customize, share and create complex documents, and publish them. In the second part, students will learn to use the newest version of Microsoft PowerPoint interface, commands, and features to create, enhance, customize, and deliver presentations. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include cooperative education, internship, service learning, and job shadowing. Apprenticeship is not available for this course.. This course can help prepare students for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Word and/or PowerPoint, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/mos.aspx. Each student will take the Word/PowerPoint Certification. If a student passes the certification or makes a 93 or above on the State exam, SCC and other surrounding Community colleges will accept in lieu of some of their computer classes. This saves the parent money, and it puts the student ahead in college credits. Also many business will hire someone with MOS Certification quicker than someone without it.

Objectives Covered

Core Word

1.01 Understanding Word

1.02 Basic Editing

1.03 Character Formatting

1.04 Paragraph Formatting

1.05 Managing Text Flow

1.06 Creating Tables

01.07 Working With Themes, Style Sets, Backgrounds, Quick Parts, And Text Boxes

1.08 Using Illustrations And Graphics

1.09 Proofing Documents

Expert Word

1.10 Formatting A Research Paper

1.11 Performing Mail Merges

1.12 Maintaining Documents And Macros

1.13 Protecting And Sharing Documents

1.14 Using Advanced Options


2.01 PowerPoint Essentials

2.02 Presentation Basics

2.03 Working With Text

2.04 Designing A Presentation

2.05 Adding Tables To Slides

2.06 Using Charts In A Presentation

2.07 Creating SmartArt Graphics

2.08 Adding Graphics To A Presentation

2.09 Using Animation And Multimedia

2.10 Securing And Sharing A Presentation

2.11 Delivering A Presentation