Advanced Functions & Modeling

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Advanced Functions and Modeling provides students an in-depth study of modeling and applying functions. Home, work, recreation, consumer issues, public policy, and scientific investigations are just a few of the areas from which applications should originate. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software, should be used regularly for instruction and assessment.


· Describe phenomena as functions graphically, algebraically and verbally; identify independent and dependent quantities, domain, and range, and input/output.

· Translate among graphic, algebraic, numeric, tabular, and verbal representations of relations.

· Define and use linear, quadratic, cubic, and exponential functions to model and solve problems.

· Use systems of two or more equations or inequalities to solve problems.

· Use the trigonometric ratios to model and solve problems.

· Use logic and deductive reasoning to draw conclusions and solve problems.

Strands: Data Analysis & Probability, Algebra