Whitehouse ISD Math C&I Department

Welcome to the Whitehouse ISD Math Curriculum and Instruction webpage!

For each grade level, you will find the Pacing Guide in order to see what your student is learning throughout the year. This is a great resource which can be used as a tool to foster discussions with your student about what they are covering in class. Throughout the year, there will also be instructional videos posted demonstrating strategies to solve problems.

Curriculum and Instruction Department Mission

The mission of the WISD Curriculum and Instruction Department is to work with administrators and teachers to provide and support:

  • a guaranteed and viable curriculum
  • best practices in assessment and instruction
  • job embedded professional development

Curriculum and Instruction Goals

  • Provide a quality standards-based curriculum that is vertically and horizontally aligned grades K-12
  • Ensure a common curriculum-based assessment program that will help teachers determine student progress and achievement
  • Provide teachers with the tools and skills needed to regularly analyze student achievement data
  • Provide staff development that supports teachers in the delivery of high quality instruction