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Primary Winners ! Did you get your picks?

Some of the best of the best candidates didn't make it.

Here's why:

2018 registered voters: AZ Democratic =1,111,580 Republican =1,264,295

AZ Registered Voters: 3,632,337 Ballots Cast: 1,107 Voter Turnout: 30.496%

Santa Cruz County voter turnout = 25.25% . More than 2,500 cast early ballots.

Now, back to work.

Of course you'll vote for all Democrats on your November ballot.

We'll be registering voters, making calls and knocking doors to get out the vote. Don't hesitate to send us an email with "Volunteer" in the subject line. We can set you up inSanta Cruz County....

Seeing Red ? Since the AZ Supreme Court took "Invest in Ed" and "Outlaw Dirty Money" off the general election ballot so we cannot enjoy our constitutional right."Remember in November"

"You don't want to wake up on November 7th wishing you did more do you?"

A few words from our firebrand Charman Mary Darling

(I'm Mary Darling and I approve this Newsletter)

First up, I wish to applaud our five Interns who have learned the skills to develop into true organizers. With weekly phone banks using the VAN "Virtual Phone Bank" (aka: VPB) we have made over 800 calls to citizens to follow up on mail-in ballots and extend invitations for volunteer to help us... Most all of them to young voters 18 to 35.

Sadly, the county turnout was only 25.5%. Yes, we have more work to do before the General Election. We do need more interns, volunteers, and appointed PCs to Get-Out-The-Vote (aka: 'GOTV). Write me at:

Yes, let's all thank our Democratic candidates for their arduous campaign efforts to engage with voters and highlight important issues. Many of them are sent this newsletter; and come to our county to meet n' greet us. Soon we'll have candidates down here to talk with us about Campaign 2018. NOTE: Several candidates for our Mayor and City Council will appear on the November ballot with another chance to fill a seat. Stay Tuned.

Watch this space or, see our Facebook Page: for coming events.

Very soon we will begin refresher training for our PCs on Voter Action Network (VAN) skills to help improve our GOTV efforts. It's 2018 people... paper lists are a thing of the past.

Best regards, and sincere thanks to all for your efforts in our Democratic universe.

Stop by our cool tent the Labor Day Picnic at Tucson Reid park Monday. See then?

Hey look, my mother is running for School Board :

PLEASE NOTIFY your county chair if you see anything gone wrong with the voting processes. He or She will notify our new Voter Protection Director at ADP.

The BIG Event:

ADP State Committee Meeting - a Historic First at Nogales High School ... Hosted by Santa Cruz AZ Dems, and the Arizona Democratic Party. Sept 22nd, 8 AM – 5 PM

Contact to volunteer to man the sign-in table and help our fellow Democrats... good idea ?

The Blue Wave is coming to Nogales

After our historic first Santa Cruz County ADP State Committee Meeting at Nogales High School you are cordially invited to our 2nd Annual Democratic Party Round Up.

Go here for tickets:

Can't make it? You may donate to the event here as well.

Sponsor a high school band? Sponsor a table?

Help Wanted:

Get Out The Vote operation takes resources - both money and time. Yes, we are asking for an investment for the 2nd Annual Democrats Round Up, either for yourself or buy a ticket to support someone who wants to attend but may be challenged by the financial investment. Donate water and snacks for those volunteers knocking doors or making calls.Thank you to our Candidates and LD2 Delegation for ongoing refreshments and support. Please visit:

You may recommend an intern or invest directly as below:


*** Adopt an Intern (‘give a kid a job’): We are completing our second round of Intern are recruiting for the Fall. We will bring in at least 2-3 more at an investment of $600.00 per Intern. We are grateful for your support.

*** Invest in WalMart gift cards : to defray the cost of stationary, cleaning, bottled water supplies, snack items

*** Invest in prepaid Cell Phones: for Community Conversations aka Phone Banking. A

Arizona Democratic Party Internship Apply today.

Contact: or

Marsha Vose with David Garcia

She hosted the house party, voted for him and he won the primary. Good job Marsha. Yes, that's AZ Senator Dallesandro and others of the Democratic Glitterati in the room.

We have no doubt Marsha will continue hosting phone banks to get out the vote for 2018.

It's what good PCs do....,and YOU?

The Nogales Campaign Office

The Nogales Campaign Office is open at 179 N. Grand Avenue

<<<< We're looking for volunteers to keep it open daily

Campaign 2014 we enjoyed heartwarming experiences helping citizens help us.

Contact the Coordinated Campaign organizer Estella Amaya, 520-390 2174 OR, to sign up for a shift.

So many events so little time... until November General Election

This event is a great opportunity to Kick Off Campaign 2018 for Southern Arizona.

Hope to see you there and enjoy the camaraderie with our fine Suthun Democrats.


To stay abreast of political issues, the Blog for Arizona is a source for issues and answers , and a calendar of events for AZ State and National issues affecting AZ.

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DNC Voter Protection Info: Between 9am-6pm (ET) Monday through Friday by calling 1–833–336–8683 or texting QUESTION to 43367.

Tucson Sentinel. an independent new site with all things Tucson can be found here ... very good coverage on Tucson news n' views. for the latest on Arizona politics on Facebook ... daily updates from multiple sources. Arizona Education Association is the largest professional organization in Arizona advocating for support of Arizona's public schools. Check it out. Sign up to get text messages from the Democratic National Committee to learn more. for your Arizona Legislature Weekly Update and get a "Request to Speak" (RTS) account to comment on issues in committee. and ask to be sent the AZ

Dems Insider if you wish to keep informed on what ADP is doing across the state.

Web Site: Blog for Arizona (Voted best Political Blog in Arizona by the Washington Post). With events, political calendar, issues & answers and damn funny political cartoons too. Article From AZ Central to understand Redistricting in AZ

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That's all folks

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