White Deer ISD


Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) are innovative open-enrollment high schools that allow students an opportunity to receive both a high school diploma and a credential and/or an associate's degree. 

P-TECH is a partnership among K-12, higher education, and industry, each making long-term commitments and contributing their best expertise to provide students with rigorous and hands-on academic, technical, and workplace experiences.

The unique culture of a P-TECH school is built upon high expectations for students and a belief that all students can earn their college degree. Students see themselves as “college students” and are “on a career pathway.” The model integrates high school and college coursework, enabling students to begin college courses as soon as they are ready. Students also participate in a range of workplace opportunities that include mentoring, site visits, and internships — all designed to support students’ academic and professional growth. 


Benchmark 1: School Design

Benchmark 2: Target Population

Benchmark 3: Strategic Alliances

Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Benchmark 5: Work-based Learning

Benchmark 6: Student Support