Our new broadcasting studio...

WTVN Warrior TV

We need your help to outfit our new studio!

WTVN-Warrior Tv is a student operated station at White County High School. The program started in 2007 with the vision and dream of developing a broadcasting program with training in four areas; broadcast, radio, film and print journalism.

The program has grown into a national award winning program, broadcasting a wide range of 100 to 150 live events every year

The students receive national certification on the Adobe products when they graduate the program, along with industry standard training on equipment.

We have now out grown our current facility, prohibiting the advancement of the program. We are limited in our on-air sets and are unable to run a live broadcast while instructing students. One of our many goals for the program is to give teachers the ability to provide virtual school days that continue learning, even while staff and students are unable to attend school.

Our Board of Education has started construction on the new Ninth Grade Academy addition that will also be home to our broadcast studio. The 3,000 square foot studio includes a newsroom, classroom/lab area, a radio station, three voice recording studios a broadcast control room and full studio floor with a news set, weather station, and day set. We will also have storage rooms and office space. S.P.L.O.S.T dollars are covering the construction of the studio but, we need your help to raise funds for equipment for the new studio.

(Left) 2017 Senior and WTVN student, Maddie Cope talks about our new studio and her experiences in the broadcasting program.

(Left) A message from our Executive Director

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