White County High School

Mrs: Renee Langston

  • Instructor of: Biology & Human Anatomy and Physiology

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I have been teaching at White County High school since Fall of 2013. I am looking forward to a great year full of excitement and learning! :-)


*Bachelors Degree in Broadfield Science with a Concentration in Biology-Piedmont College

*Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Science-Piedmont College

Teaching Philosophy:

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” This is a quote from Albert Einstein that has been an inspiration to me as a teacher. Learning how the scientific method works or how the quadratic formula is used is of great importance especially when looking at the state standards that are requirements to be met. Being able to use these systems and many other systems like them taught in classrooms today help our students grow. I want to teach my students the importance of these concepts to the standards as well as to their lives in general and “spark a fire” within them. I want this fire to burn throughout their lives constantly getting bigger and engulf those around them causing others to catch a burning for learning.

As a teacher I want to assist my students in their journey and help them to reach their fullest potential so that they may succeed in their goals. I understand that not every student will have the same goals, interests, motivations, or learning styles. Being able to reach each student’s needs on an individual basis through differentiation will help me along the way. I realize many students will not remember the exact steps to the scientific method or which numbers to take the square root of in the quadratic equation ten years after they graduate. The resulting education I hope to instill in my students is that of critical thinkers and problem solvers so that they will continue to learn throughout their lives and become leaders in our community.