Local Scholarships

Local Scholarships

General Instructions for all Scholarships


  • Most Local Scholarship applications are due by 3:30 on February 28 in the Front office. Pay Close Attention on how to submit and the deadline. No late applications will be accepted.

  • Some scholarship applications require Counselor signatures or verification and/or a high school transcript attached. Counselors will verify all the scholarships once all applications are turned in. A transcript will be attached to all scholarship applications that require a transcript.

  • Students are encouraged to use your transcript as a resource for filling out scholarship applications. You can email the WCHS registrar, Mrs. Harris @ Kimberly.Harris@white.k12.ga.us to get a copy of your transcript.

  • Pay close attention to specific scholarship requests. Some scholarships require an essay. Some require letters of recommendations. Some require teacher signatures. Some applications require copies of transcripts.

  • It is helpful to have your SAT scores (which can be found on collegeboard.org) and ACT scores (which can be found on actstudent.org) and your transcript before filling out your scholarship applications.

  • Applications should be neat, legible and thorough. It is recommended that you not use a pencil to complete applications.

  • It is important that a student provide honest and accurate information in their applications (honest and accurate information should also be outlined in letters of support).

How to get a copy of each scholarship

Step 1: Review the general instructions on this page

Step 2: Explanation and criteria for each scholarship is on the spreadsheet linked below.

Step 3: See below to access scholarship applications.

Step 4: Where indicated, paper applications must be printed and returned to the front office no later than 3:30 on February 28

If you have any questions, please contact your counselor below:

Sarah Smallwood

students last names A-F


706-865-2312, ext. 8602

Students, request a meeting with Mrs. Smallwood here

Jerome Kukurugya

students last names G-N


706-865-2312, ext. 8117

Students, request a meeting with Mr. Kukurugya here

Keith Futch

students last names O-Z


706-865-2312, ext. 8622

Students, request a meeting with Mr. Futch here

Kim Harris



706-865-2312, ext. 8109

Francesca Smith, LPC, CPCS, TF-CBT

school crisis intervention specialist