White County Middle School

Teacher: Mrs. Elizabeth Davison

Instructor and Co-Teacher of:

7th Language Arts


7th Social Studies

Contact Info

  • Phone: (706) 865-4060
  • Extension: 6715
  • Email: elizabeth.davison@white.k12.ga.us


For the past nineteen years, I have been working with young people to strengthen their writing, deepen their reading comprehension, and strengthen their social skills. I have also been an IEP case manager for seven years. I enjoy using data to measure student growth, but I really enjoy celebrating that growth with my students. I will be co-teaching this year with Ms. Collins, Ms. Fangmann, and Ms. Cochran, as well as teaching a class of my own.

Please encourage your child to access our Google Classroom. If there is an assignment or a link to a certain website or program, it will be found there. I will also include copies of classroom documents. Students are also encouraged to email questions when they are confused.

I look forward to learning with you.