White County Middle School

Teacher: Catherine Gibbs

Instructor of: English 8 & 9

Contact Info

  • School Phone: (706) 865-4060 Ext. 6202
  • Google Voice: (706) 962-3498
  • Email: catherine.gibbs@white.k12.ga.us

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4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

7th Period


Catherine Gibbs has been teaching English Language Arts at White County Middle School for more than 10 years. She remains on the staff of the White County News, where she has worked as a reporter covering education, features and local news.

Prior to moving to White County in 1996, Ms. Gibbs wrote for the Sierra Sun and the Sacramento Bee in California as well as the Reno Gazette-Journal in Nevada. Before embarking into journalism, Ms. Gibbs taught English at a private college preparatory high school in California. She also assisted teaching freshmen composition classes while taking graduate courses at California State University, San Bernardino.

She and her husband Donald Nelligan have five children, three of whom have graduated college, one who about to graduate college, and one who is a college freshman. She loves living in White County, and after a life of moving around the country, she is happy to call Northeast Georgia her permanent home. You may e-mail her at catherine.gibbs@white.k12.ga.us