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What makes a domain valuable:

Short: What does Google, Facebook, and Yahoo have in common? They are all less than 10 letters. Internet marketing experts agree that the shorter your name, the easier it is for people to recall it, type it in the search bar and reach your landing page. Its no coincidence that the top 10 websites by visitors traffic are domain names containing -5-8 letters. We've invested alot time and money into obtaining these short, rare, high valued keywords. All of our domains are short

Keywords: Including keywords in your Domain Name increases the chance of your website being indexed in search engines. This critical when developing your site for search engine optimization (SEO). For example, if you are building an auto related site, and your dealership name is Chucks Auto Sales, it may be more advantageous to use a shorter name like AutoStocker. COM, which is shorter and utilizes common search terms. Keep in mind, unless the customer is a return customer, they may not be familiar with Chucks Auto Sales, so using an shorter, online alias may increases your chance of reaching new customers.

TLD: Top level domains, or TLD for short are more valuable compared to others such as .org or .net. As a consumer and computer user, it is our first instinct to type .com after website domain. All of our domains are top level, increasing the chance of your customer or user reaching reaching your landing page and avoiding confusion.

Pronunciation: Can the average person pronounce your business name if they never heard it? That it is question you should consider and can be a determining factor in whether, or not person decides to do business with you. If your business name is too long, or hard to pronounce, you may want to consider one of our names for your main domain, or other marketing purposes. Some people use short easy to pronounce names to redirect, or forward their actual site. The actual site name may be longer in character length, but using it in-conjunction with a shorter alternative can increase your chance of reaching a wider audience.

Most expensive domain name sales (Source: BusinessInsider.Com)

  • $35.6 million in 2010.
  • $35 million in 2007.
  • $30.1 million in 2012.
  • $18 million in 2009.
  • $16 million in 2009.

AddSells with GoodWords


Suitable for a Q&A Website.

Valuation: $2,023 (Click Here for Source)

Our Offer Price: $1,500


Suitable for an Auto related website.

Valuation: $250 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price: $200

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$10 Off Logo Design Services:

Every purchase includes a voucher for $10 logo design services. (Logo designs are regular $50) See examples below.


Suitable for a consumer site.

Valuation $2,100.00 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price: $1,800


Suitable for an Auto related website.

Valuation $2,067.00 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price $1,750


Suitable for branding.

Valuation: $2,100.00 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price: $1,700


Suitable for Branding

Valuation: $249.00 (Click For Source)

Our Offer Price: $200.00

Bonus with Purchase:

Choosing a Goodword domain will put you at significant advantage when launching or promoting your business. However, it is not the only will determine the success of your domain. Every purchase includes a free 1-year media licensing rights. Select 1 of the following at no extra charge:

Access to over 20 songs to use in your marketing promotion campaign.


Access to over 50 stock photos to support your marketing and branding campaign.

Culib.COM (Premium Domain Name)

Suitable for branding and short for SEO strategy.

Valuation: $21,000.00 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price: $18,000.00


Suitable for a consumer site.

Valuation: $2,100.00 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price: $1,800


Suitable for a consumer site.

Valuation: 2,146.37 (Click Here For Source)

Our Offer Price: $1,800

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Buy Back Guarantee:

We are so confident in the value of our domains that we want to be first in line to buy them back for whatever reason you decide to stop using it. 100% refund if returned (2) days, 70% return in first (7) days and 50% return in first (30) days. Exclusion applies in some cases, such as suspected "burnout" or "tainting" of the domain through unfavorable, or aggressive marketing tactics, which may damage the reputation of the domain name reputation and/or future sell-ability.

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