When Hounds Fly Virtual Classes

In order to continue providing opportunities to learn and train with us for people showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are in self-isolation due to COVID-19, and during group class suspension period, we are happy to announce a new option: Virtual classes for Puppy Socialization and Foundation Skills.

These classes will be made available beginning Wednesday March 18th, and available to book via the class calendars on our website, costing one class credit. There will be a limited number of spots available per class, so that your instructor can still provide you with feedback and suggestions.

How will these Virtual Classes work?

Two types of students will be permitted:

Full Students - Current When Hounds Fly students, capped at 6 attendees per virtual time slot. This way, our instructors can still watch your training, answer your questions, and interact with you in a manner similar to in person.

Payment for Full Students - Please withdraw from your “brick and mortar” class using your login, and book into a virtual timeslot to reserve your spot in the session. Your existing class calendar login works for both the Brick and Mortar calendar as well as the new Virtual calendar - the credits are interchangeable.

Virtually Delighted Guarantee, 100% Risk Free - “If you feel like you didn’t receive the value you deserved from a Virtual Consultation or Lesson, simply write into us explaining in detail how we missed the mark*, and we will deliver a make-up in-person class or lesson at no charge (either at our schools, or in-home service area)”

Auditor Students - We will accept anyone (current students, alumni, even members of the general public) to attend our Virtual Classes on an audit basis. Unfortunately, they will not be permitted to ask questions, and their training will not be monitored by the instructor. This enables us to provide this service to our community at large during this difficult time. Auditors will require the meeting room password, please email us at info@whenhoundsfly.com to request the password.

Payment for Auditors - We would ask that auditors consider helping support or efforts during this challenging time on a Pay-What-You-Wish basis here:


Current Students: How to sign up for your Virtual Classes:

  1. Withdraw from your “brick and mortar” class using your login

  2. Book into a virtual timeslot to reserve your spot in the session (calendar links below). The confirmation email will include the password for the meeting.

  3. Join our Zoom Meeting at the specified start time of your class. https://zoom.us/j/3816229975

Required Equipment:

Puppy Socialization

Module 1: Leash and pacifier (chew item)

Module 2: Brush and / or Nail Trimmers

Module 3: 2nd person for Polite Greetings; objects to explore (vacuum, skateboard, pots and pans, brooms, bags, umbrellas)

Module 4: crate (bed , pen), leash

Module 5: 2nd Person* for Restrained Recall, tug toy (or chew), collar or harness

Foundation Skills

Module 1: Mat or dog bed (bath mat or towel would suffice)

Module 2: Paw Target (empty yogurt container, Tupperware, Plastic Bowl) & Chew item or Toy (for Drop It)

Module 3: Leash and harness (or collar)

Module 4: Helper person* (for Polite Greetings)

Module 5: Tug Toy, Helper Person* (for Restrained Recall) & collar or harness

Module 6: Mat or dog bed (bath mat or towel would suffice), leash & collar / harness & a toy

* Do not worry if you do not have a helper due to social distancing requirement

Auditor Students:

Join our Zoom Meeting at the specified start time of your class, please turn your webcam off and remain on mute as auditors. https://zoom.us/j/3816229975

Effective April 4, Zoom mandated the use of a meeting password for security, as a countermeasure to the practice of "Zoom bombing", please email our office at info@whenhoundsfly.com for the room password, please allow 24 hours for us to get it to you.

We will not be checking whether auditors have paid, we'll be going on the honour system at this time.

Dundas West Brick and Mortar Calendar:


Dundas West Virtual Class Calendar:


Pape Village Brick and Mortar Calendar:


Pape Village Virtual Class Calendar


Queen West Brick and Mortar Calendar


Queen West Virtual Class Calendar


Technology Considerations:

*Updated March 18, 10:00AM - We will be using Zoom meetings for our sessions - the meeting room is:


Make sure your computer is ready to go for zoom - Test here: https://zoom.us/test

What About Puppy Socialization Free Time?

Don’t worry, as soon as we are able to re-open, we will be running Party Party times so students that elected to take their puppy classes Virtually will be invited to attend gatherings with other puppy students in our facilities, under our supervision, at no charge. This will allow us to still provide you with the puppy-to-puppy socialization component of our program. And, there’ll be treats for humans and the pups!

Not sure how to socialize a puppy without socialization classes? Get our advice here: https://www.whenhoundsfly.com/socialize_puppy_during_covid19/

Foundation Skills, on the other hand, is strictly a training oriented class, and therefore is well suited to Virtual learning!