West Hernando Christian School

Resources for Applicants

We are so glad that you are interested in "joining the family" at West Hernando Christian School.

If you not already done so, please start by completing an application here.

Once you have completed your application, you will be redirected back to this site so that you can complete the next steps of the application process.

Background Checks

As a school, we obviously take background checks very seriously. Obtaining a background check is a two step process. The first step should be completed as soon as possible after completing an application.

Step One:

First, you will need to provide us with a signed waiver that gives us permission to perform a background check on you.

Step Two:

Once you have returned a signed copy of the waiver, if you are being considered for a position, we will provide you with an official letter from the school that you will take to the UPS Store at 4142 Mariner Blvd., Spring Hill, FL 34609. The cost of the background check is covered by the school. Once the background check is complete, a secure report is sent to us, at which time we will notify you.


Please take the time to review the handbooks below for more detailed information about employment at West Hernando Christian School.