Frost Valley

Frost Valley

For the past Twenty One years, approximately one hundred seventy-five 7th graders, accompanied by high school seniors, parents, and teachers, have spent three days in February at the Frost Valley environmental camp in the Catskills. Students engage in a number of cooperative group exercises and outdoor activities. The Frost Valley trip is an integral part of the 7th-grade curriculum.

January 30- February 1, 2019


Dana Hoyt and Ken Miller

PTO Frost Valley Calendar Fundraiser

Raffle Tickets/Money will be collected on Mondays and Thursdays during lunch

November 2018 Winners

January 2019 Winners

Informational Parent Meeting

Permission Slips and Paperwork

Due - FRIDAY November 2, 2018

Due - FRIDAY January 4, 2019

2019 FV Prescription Medications Procedure

coordinated by Nurse Linda Belli

2019 FV Luggage Agreement

due January 31, 2018 at departure drop off

Senior Supervisors

Meeting 10/24/2018 in Room 301

Click Here to be directed to the Senior Supervisor Google Classroom

Google Classroom Code= t1g8681

Information can be found in the High School Athletic Office

Interviews will be conducted November 7 - 16 , 2019

Parent Chaperones will be drawn by lottery

Click here for Parent Chaperone sign-up to be filled out and brought into school

Chaperones will be informed in writing and will be required to

attend a mandatory chaperone meeting in January