Prabh Dhaliwal

UA Wharton Representative

A Little About Me

Hi everyone! My name’s Prabh and I’m a sophomore currently serving as Wharton Representative running for re-election. These past 2 years at Penn, serving on the UA has by far been my most rewarding involvement. During my time, I've worked with SAC/Wharton Council to mandate implicit bias training for club leaders to make recruitment more equitable and with Penn Admissions to institute need-blind admissions for international students. I'm looking forward to hopefully continue working on these projects and more during my next 2 years at Penn.

Thank you so much and remember — Vote Prabh to get your PRABHlems resolved!

My Platform

International Students — Advocate for Penn to adopt need-blind admissions for international students.

Equity and Inclusion — Mandate implicit bias training for club leaders coordinating recruitment efforts through SAC / Wharton Council.

Mental Health — Generate awareness for peer counseling services like Penn Benjamins and other support systems to make mental health care more accessible to the entire Penn community.

Dining — Abolish the “second year dining experience” and provide more options for vegan/vegetarian/halal/kosher students and more at our dining halls.

Transparency — Establish open and easily accessible lines of communication to facilitate frequent discourse between elected representatives and the overall student body.


Phone – (412) 207-8739

Email –

Instagram (personal) – @prabhsdhaliwal

Instagram (campaign) – @prabh4penn