Parent Information

Whakarewarewa School App.

  • We have a Whakarewarewa School app. (Skool Loop) which is free to download from your app store for Android, iPhone and iPad.

School Lunches

  • Lunch is provided daily to our tamariki. This consists of a main dish and two snacks. This is served at 12.40pm. We suggest you provide a morning tea snack.


  • The school uniform is available for sale from the school office. We have both summer and a winter uniform for the girls. Boys uniform is worn both summer and winter. All students are expected to wear the uniform that represents Whakarewarewa School. Please contact the office manager to make further inquiries.


  • The Board is committed to ensuring all tamariki are equipped with essential tools for learning on the first day of school. Therefore, each student is issued with a basic stationery pack at the beginning of each year. This allows families time to buy the rest of the stationery as soon as they can.
  • Ngā mihi ki a rātou te hunga Upoko Matua o te kura.


  • Terms One and Four are our summer seasons, therefore please ensure that your child has adequate swimwear and towel to bring to school. If your child is unable to participate please provide a note to your child's teacher.

Unauthorised School Items

  • Please ensure your child does not bring any unauthorised items to school such as cellphones, tablets, games, toys, etc. These items will be confiscated and if lost or stolen, the school will not be responsible.

Student Goal Setting(3 way conference)

  • Each Term, parents are invited to attend an Oku Rangatiratanga evening. This is an opportunity to visit your child/children's class for an informal chat with their teacher and to discuss their achievements and goals.
  • Written reports are sent home in Terms Two and Four. Information about your son/daughter's achievement against the National Standards is also included. We do practice an open door policy so you are more than welcome to come to school and visit with the teacher and/or arrange to see the Principal.

Whānau Involvement

  • Whakarewarewa School encourages whanau involvement as we rely on your support on camps and general activities both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Together we can reach our goal of creating an environment and community that fosters learning.

Marae and Tangihanga

  • Our school values our cultural traditions and beliefs and so during the year, the school or a group of students will attend tangihanga at our four local marae or where necessary.
  • If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to discuss this with the Principal.

Social Worker in Schools (SWIS)

  • Our School has a dedicated Social Worker allocated for our students, teachers and whanau. Please contact our school office.

School Day

  • The school day runs from 9.00am - 3.00pm. School breaks are as follows:

9.00am - Classes begin

10.30am - Morning Interval (30 mins)

12.15pm - 1.00pm Lunch (45 mins)

2.00pm Fruit Break (15 mins)

3.00pm - Classes End

Staff are at school until at least 4.30pm. Please contact the school if you intend collecting your child/children.

Office Hours

  • 8.15am - 2.30pm


  • It is essential that we know where our pupils are on any one day. In the event of an absence please ring the school’s answer phone with the information before 9.00am that day or notify us via the Whakarewarewa School app or 073483865. Office staff will relay the information promptly to the teacher. Parents will be contacted if your tamaiti is absent.

School Vans

  • The School currently runs two vans to collect and return students to the East and West of Rotorua. The Board of Trustees heavily subsidise transport costs and the following rates apply:
  • Van costs per students

1 child - $50 per term or $200 per year

2 children - above cost apply

3 children or more - $100 per term or $400 per year

Car Parking

  • You are welcome to deliver and pick up your tamariki from the school.


  • Please drive slowly around the oval as it is part of the children's playground. The bottom car park is available for you to park your car.

School Donations

  • During the year, parents will be asked to help in the costs towards classroom school trips.


  • To help towards school trips, weekly mufti days(friday) are held and a gold coin donation is required. These funds will go towards our end of year trips.

Road Safety

  • Sala street is very busy during the day, no child is to cross unattended, an adult is to accompany them at all times.

Dental Clinic

  • Healthy teeth play an important role in a child’s development and a healthy mouth and teeth are important for a child’s health and well being for the rest of their life.
  • Whakarewarewa School utilises the mobile dental clinic operated by Lakes DHB.
  • The dental clinic visits the school every few months.
  • You will be notified when your child is due for a check-up.
  • Dental visits are free for all children aged 0 - 17.
  • To find out more about the Mobile Dental service, please visit the DHB Oral Health website or ring 0800 825 583.

Extra Curricular Activity

Our school enters teams in the

  • Rotorua Touch Competition held in Terms 1 & 4
  • Rotorua Netball Association Competition held in Terms 2 & 3
  • Rotorua Basketball Competition held in Terms 2 & 3
  • Rotorua Primary Kapahaka Festival held in Term 4
  • All Sport Bay of Plenty activities throughout the year for Rotorua Central Cluster Schools

This means that we will need to pass on the costs for these events directly to whanau who are engaging in these activities. At all times we try to fundraise to keep these costs at a minimum.