Our Classroom

Welcome to our learning space for Term Four, 2017! Check back every Sunday to see what is on for the week ahead.

Monday - BEACH WALK/TRIP On Monday we are heading down to Manly Beach with T2 and T4 for a culminating adventure to our Inquiry unit. We will be having morning tea around 1015 if you would like to come down and hang out before we walk back at 11am. This is just a fun morning out for all our juniors in our team, uniform, hats, shoes and sunblock on please. Children won’t be swimming. No morning tea orders please, unless you take it and pop it in their bags before the bell.

Tuesday - water slide for team winter as a class after lunch, so the big kids won’t hinder our little ones having fun. This will be in class time so togs are encouraged.

Wednesday - classroom furniture will be moving to its new rooms, expect to see a bare classroom with some new things! art work will also be sent home.

Thursday - Prizegiving Assembly first block, Reports and class placements sent home. Work books and stationery will be sent home as we plan to use them all week.

Friday - Meet New Teachers and School Ends at 12:30 :) (I will be bringing in a cake for morning tea as its my 30th, anyone whose child cannot have cake or has an allergy or food preference please let me know!)

Holiday Homework - A sheet will be sent home with some ideas for you all and some learning resources. Please use up the homework, handwriting, project and writing books over the summer. Here are some links to some websites you could use.