Request for Proposal


The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) seeks member and apprentice leagues to host an Officiating Clinic in Europe in the Spring or Summer of 2019.

Each year, the WFTDA leads multiple Officiating Clinics around the world to facilitate the development of roller derby officials. Through continuing education, officials can keep up with changes in the sport, build their skill levels, and learn techniques that ensure more consistent officiating around the world.

A one-day Clinic will consist of classroom instruction only. It will be held in conjunction with an existing event or tournament where Clinic Instructors will be able to observe attendees during the event and provide feedback and mentorship. A two-day Clinic will be held outside of an existing event and will include a scrimmage for attendees to practice what they have learned.

The WFTDA is looking for a two-day Clinic in Europe in the Spring or Summer of 2019, preferably not coinciding with a British Roller Derby Championship or European Tournament weekend.


Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

PO Box 14100

Austin, TX, USA 78761

To Apply for Hosting

Submit proposed hosting information via email to WFTDA by December 31st 2018. Joint proposals are accepted, e.g. multiple leagues sharing hosting duties or a league subcontracting with a hotel or visitor’s bureau.

If your league is interested in hosting but will need more time to firm up specific details, you can submit an interest in hosting with partial detail by the December 31 deadline but will need to submit the final bid as soon as possible. Clinic availability is limited and will be decided soon after the deadline.

Please include:

  • A short description of your league and what they hope to offer and gain by hosting. Feel free to include information about your league history, size, strengths, culture, local relationships, presence at past Clinics, etc.
  • Information on the event held in conjunction with the Clinic, include any potential for clinic attendees to participate in the event (scrimmage games, pick-up games, or tournament placement)
  • Information on possible classroom locations (ex-league practice venue, hotel conference room, school)
  • Some basic data on the number of leagues within a day’s drive to your city
  • Include preferred dates
  • Information on the skating facility proposed

Hosting Applications from previous years

If your league applied to host at some point in the past and are interested in hosting a WFTDA Clinic in the previous years, please contact WFTDA Officiating Education at to discuss updating your previous proposal.

General Specifications

  • Metro area with a hub airport
  • Reasonable driving or train ride distance to a derby rich geography
  • Access to a skating venue
  • Access to or able to create/rent classroom space (often hotel conference rooms space)
  • WFTDA member league or Apprentice league member (or partner with a full member)
  • Ability to gather 25+ skaters for a 3-hour scrimmage


The host league will:

  • Secure classroom space and hotel room block
  • Supply volunteer staffing of 2-4 people: registration, and general helpers
  • Supply 2 projectors (one per classroom)
  • Help with social media, including marketing and any social events
  • Help create a Welcome Packet for attendees
  • Provide a venue and 25+ skaters for scrimmage for two-day Clinic

The WFTDA will:

  • Provide a $1000 (USD) stipend for host league for one-day Clinic
  • Provide a $2000 (USD) stipend for host league for two-day Clinic
  • 3 free entries into the Clinic for host league (to use as they see fit)
  • Cover travel and housing expense of instructors
  • Provide some printing for educational materials
  • Marketing of Officiating Clinics (paid advertising)
  • Provide logistical support including detailed schedules


Meeting and classroom space in the same facility is highly desirable but not mandatory. If necessary, but not recommended, two-day clinics can be flipped so that all skating is on day 1 and classroom instruction on day 2.

Classrooms need to be set up with a screen and projector.

Day 1 or One-Day Clinic

  1. Registration Area with a table and chairs for 2 volunteers from 7:45-8:30 am
  2. Larger Classroom with table and chairs for up to 80 students from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  3. Smaller Classroom with table and chairs for up to 30 students from 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Day 2

  1. Smaller Classroom with table and chairs for up to 30 students from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  2. Skating Track from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We need at least one track that's appropriate for WFTDA-sanctioned game-play. If the host league can provide more than one track, please include that information in the bid.


A typical clinic will use between 10 and 20 hotel rooms at a host hotel.

Room Rates

Room rates should be guaranteed. The WFTDA rate shall be the lowest available at the time of the event (including special promotional room-rate arrangements or weekend packages and room sales on the Internet), excluding special employee rates.

Room rates should include single-quad occupancy. Individual pays own. Reservations made online via hotel booking code/site or call-in. Guest rooms, tax, and incidentals are billable to guests.


Clinics often use hotel conference room space as the classroom space. The host league will take the lead in contacting and negotiating with a host hotel, but we (the WFTDA) can help with those negotiations. Typically, pricing on conference space is negotiable depending on how many hotel rooms are booked.


Clinic attendees will be responsible for their own meals. Box-lunch type catering may be best if there is a lack of healthy option eateries in the area around the venue.