New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS)

This webpage has been designed to help support teachers of the William Floyd School District implement the Next Generation Science Standards. These standards will be implemented over time. The information posted on this page will be updated as new units of study are introduced. If you have any questions about the information posted, or would like to request the inclusion of additional information, contact .

Same of the science kits contain lessons that have been created for SMART Boards. You will not be able to use them directly from the website. In order to access these files, use the directions found below:

There is a way to open SMART board files without having the SMART Notebook software.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the BOCES 4 Science website and right click on any SMART Notebook file you want to use. Save that file to your desktop.

2. Then go to the website: On that page, click the button that says "Open an Existing Notebook file".

3. Click on the file on your desktop that you saved then click "Open".

4. The file will then open and items on the file can be manipulated as if you had the SMART Notebook Software on your computer.