Ms. Puric

Special Education/ CTE Business Teacher : Work Based Learning Coordinator

CDOS Credential (Career Development & Occupational Studies)

AMPED : CDOS - School Based Enterprises : School to Work : FBLA Advisor

William Floyd High School

Earn the CDOS Commencement Credential:

 Complete a Career Plan.

A Career Plan includes information about a student’s strengths, career interests and goals and a plan to reach those goals.

 Complete Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coursework and/or Work-based Learning.

A student must complete 216 hours of CTE coursework and/or work-based learning experiences in school, business or community settings to earn this credential. (At least 54 of the 216 hours must be completed through work-based learning).

 Achieve the CDOS learning standards at the high school commencement level. These standards include: Exploring career options; Using academic skills (like math) in work settings; and Skills important for job success, such as speaking with a boss, teamwork, self-advocacy, organization, and problem solving. (See )

Have an Employability Profile that rates the student’s skills demonstrated in work-based learning activities.