Mr. Houghtaling: 7th Grade ELA

Friday 9/21:

1) Complete reading and annotating "The Guys Who Got Bin Laden" article.

"The Guys Who Got Bin-Laden" Article Link

2) Complete "The Guys Who Got Bin Laden" worksheet (Gist statements).

3) Open notebook/article quiz on Monday.

**Field Trip Interest form due Monday 9/24**

Thursday 9/20:

Complete the "I Lost My Dad on 9/11" article and questions.

**Field Trip Interest form due Monday 9/24**

Tuesday 9/18:


Monday 9/17:

Bring in a highlighter in order to help annotate the article "The Guys Who Got Bin Laden".

Homework Handouts:

The Guys Who Got Bin Laden Question Sheet
I Lost My Dad on 9/11
Initial Field Trip Form

Class Notes: Monday 9/17 and Tuesday 9/18

Copy of Navy Seal Training/Annotation

Class Notes: Thursday 9/20-Friday 9/21

of Navy Seal Training/Annotation

Important Announcements:

Extra Credit opportunity:

brookhaven poetry slam!

Ask Mr. Houghtaling for more details!