Viewing of Romeo & Juliet will be available starting at 7:00 PM on January 8 through February 8.

To view the film, click here (Link goes Live on 1/8)

Here is our Virtual Program


I wasn't able to cast it from my phone to my tv. (but then again, I'm old-ish)

I recommend using the browser on your smart tv. If you figure out how to cast from

phone to tv, Please send me an email and I'll add the directions here.

Thanks - JH

Spring Play - in Winter!

Our Theatre for Young Audiences play will take place this winter.

Informational meeting Jan 12 @ 3:00

Click here for more information (including zoom link for meeting)

Musical Update - 11/18/20

In a typical year we would be in final preparations for Auditions for the musical. There would be a buzz and excitement mixed in with a lot of nervous energy. Like you, I am missing that excitement.

Mr. Goldman and I have been talking about different ways we could do a musical. For now, our hopes are that we can plan for one to happen. In talking with Ms. Davenport as well, we are looking towards a spring production that would take place outdoors. There has been some discussion about titles, but at this time I haven't brought anything to Ms. Davenport for approval; we just aren't there yet.

I've had some lovely conversations with students about possible titles. As always, I invite you to make suggestions and give me shows to look at. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

There are SEVERAL factors that will impact whether or not we can have a musical this year. Most of those factors are out of our control. Regarding the things we can control: we all need to stay vigilant in our mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing. This requires patience; something I think we all are running short of when it comes to this pandemic.

When I have more information, I will share it. For now, know that Mr. Goldman and I are working on this and our hope, like yours is that we are able to share the joy of putting a musical together this year.

All the best,

Mr. Howard

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