Musical Update - 11/18/20

In a typical year we would be in final preparations for Auditions for the musical. There would be a buzz and excitement mixed in with a lot of nervous energy. Like you, I am missing that excitement.

Mr. Goldman and I have been talking about different ways we could do a musical. For now, our hopes are that we can plan for one to happen. In talking with Ms. Davenport as well, we are looking towards a spring production that would take place outdoors. There has been some discussion about titles, but at this time I haven't brought anything to Ms. Davenport for approval; we just aren't there yet.

I've had some lovely conversations with students about possible titles. As always, I invite you to make suggestions and give me shows to look at. I enjoy hearing your thoughts.

There are SEVERAL factors that will impact whether or not we can have a musical this year. Most of those factors are out of our control. Regarding the things we can control: we all need to stay vigilant in our mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing. This requires patience; something I think we all are running short of when it comes to this pandemic.

When I have more information, I will share it. For now, know that Mr. Goldman and I are working on this and our hope, like yours is that we are able to share the joy of putting a musical together this year.

All the best,

Mr. Howard

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