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Why Is Student Data Privacy So Important?

The goal of Westwood’s Student Data Privacy Initiative is to provide a safe and secure online experience for students and staff while also empowering them to access the best tools and resources to help achieve academic success. There are several federal and state laws that govern student data privacy and these laws have implications for how Westwood uses its online resources. Additionally, in an era where issues of data privacy go far beyond the classroom walls, it is imperative for staff to model good data security habits for our students.

Westwood Resources

The following resources have been evaluated by the Westwood Public Schools and tagged Approved, Conditionally Approved, Approved if Anonymized, Not Approved, or Pending. Hover over each tag for information about the approval status.

Westwood staff and students are welcome to use resources that are tagged as Approved, Approved if Anonymized, or Conditionally Approved. Parents are notified annually about resources tagged Conditionally Approved and given the opportunity to opt their child out of using such resources. Teachers should consult with their building ITC before using Conditionally Approved resources.

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