Snack Shack


The Snack Shack serves to both offer a fun and valuable service to your fans and community members; and to provide a fundraising opportunity for your team. WHS Boosters has the responsibility to manage the Snack Shack while host team volunteers operate it during events.

The Snack Shack operates on a “common” inventory model where WHS Boosters pays for the goods while host teams retain the profits from sales. This avoids the need for each team to purchase and maintain separate inventory. Proceeds are split 60% to the host team, 40% to WHS Boosters which covers the cost of inventory including non-food supplies. WHS Boosters does not profit on Snack Shack sales.

Snack Shack operations include both the physical location at Flahive Field and table-based sales for events in the gymnasium. To inquire about using the Snack Shack, please email -


WHS Boosters

  • Seasonal startup and shutdown
  • Board of Health (BOH) inspections and permits
  • Provide startup inventory and supplies
  • Information on operating equipment and BOH requirements
  • Provide cash box with change and facility key for event
  • Distribute cumulative team profits (60% of proceeds) via check at end of season
  • Purchase new equipment, arrange maintenance and repairs

Host Team

  • Provide staffing for your event including adult supervision
  • Proper cleaning and lock up after event
  • Restock supplies as pre-arranged with WHS Boosters, costs will be reimbursed based on receipts
  • Follow BOH mandated procedures
  • Return cash box, proceeds, receipts and reconciliation form
  • Report any equipment problems or damage to enable WHS Boosters to arrange repairs