We have opportunities for Saturday morning

9:20 -12:30 shopping for our guests to get their choices of food and help loading food in our guess vehicles

8:00 - 9:00 bring food into the building after the pallets of food come off the truck

Thursday and Friday mornings 8:00 - 1:00  Help move and organize food deliveries from local stores

Our Mission: Feeding those in Need

Mark 9:35 “Then Jesus said, if you want to be first, you must be the very last. You must be the servant of everyone.

·         For safety reasons, no open toe shoes or sandals can be worn. 

·         Please leave purses and recycle bags in your car for safety and security reasons and to avoid the temptation of setting yummy things aside. Be sure to lock your car.

·         As volunteers, please bring reusable bags if you intend to shop after the last guest has been served. This helps with faster clean up as we can break down boxes right after the last guest.

·         The leader will let you know when it is your time to shop. Please do not leave your assignment until the leader tells you that it is your turn.

·         If you are volunteering and need to leave early, you cannot take food when you leave early. We have a standard of fairness and are being watched by our guests all the time. If you take food because you leave early, you are cutting in line of our guests. If you need food and cannot wait until the end, you may take a number instead of serving. 

·         We need to maintain confidentiality at Westside Food Brigade. Please review and sign the civil rights form.

·         Please be respectful of anyone leading Food Brigade. We have reasons for doing what we do. We strive to save money for food instead of supplies like bags, tape, boxes and gloves. Please do not waste supplies.

·         Pastor Gabe has a motto, “Leave it better than you found it”. Clean up: when breaking down crates, please wipe out the messy ones before putting on the shelves. 

·         No food storage on the floor in Pantry. A small empty crate must be on the bottom keeping food off the floor.

·         All food to be thrown away must be in a tied trash bag. Please do not dump boxes of food in the dumpster.

·         All recycle boxes should be broken down flat and placed in recycle dumpster.

·         Community Service hours, if needed, must be recorded each time with date and hours noted and initialed by June or Kevin. We cannot go back in time and credit hours. 

Please enjoy the time you are here interacting and serving the guests of Food Brigade. Thank you so much for giving your time to help fulfill our mission 

volunteering@westsidefoodbrigade.com for more information or questions.