Ms. Harris

8th grade Algebra; 7th grade Pre-Algebra 2

General Information is below.

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TUTORING AVAILABLE: Mondays, right after school (3 to 4 pm)

Ms. Harris' available hours: Monday and Wednesday, right after school, 3 pm. (Be aware of a staff meeting on Wednesdays at 3:30). Or make an appointment to meet with her at 10:45 a.m. on a Monday, or 10:30 a.m. on a Wednesday. (Appointment is needed, because otherwise I might not be in the building.) Contact Mrs. Patterson for permission if you want to meet with me during Chapel time (11:15 a.m. - noon).

Below is a video that explains how weighted grades work. (The weights for each category are on the syllabus. Find the syllabus clicking the class button below.)

Assessments: 40%, Classwork: 35%, Homework: 10%, Participation: 10%, Reflection: 5%.

During a Test or Quiz (proper test-taking behavior)

No talking. Raise your hand if you need to ask me a question. No strange noises.

IF notes are allowed: You may use your OWN binder/notes. No book, no one else’s notes

Stay in your seat. Raise your hand if you need to ask me something. Stay facing forward.

If you need to leave the room (restroom, etc.) wait until your test is finished.

Passing any papers, calculators, pencils, etc. strictly forbidden.

Write in PENCIL!

We should not have to even mention that cell phones should NEVER be out, seen, in use...should actually not even be in the classroom.

Not following these directions can result in a ZERO on the test.

8th grade Algebra page... you can also click here:

7th grade Pre-Algebra 2 page... you can also click here:


Our Semester 1 Exam will be Friday, January 24, 2020.

The exam will consist of about 35-45 multiple choice questions, covering the material from this semester. Students will be allowed to use calculators and ONE page of their own handwritten notes (can be a page from their binder, or a page they create specifically for the Exam).

Students were given a packet with practice problems on 1/15/2020. They should do as many of the ODD problems as they can (at least half of the odd problems) by class on Wed. 1/22/2020. They should focus on the problems they find difficult, so that their review time in class 1/22 will be as productive as possible.