Westside High School Counseling Department

From left: Mr. Henningsen, Mrs. Stover, Mrs. Hatch, Mr. Dondlinger, Dr. Londer, Mrs. Cunningham, Ms. Toner

Welcome to WHS Counseling

Welcome to the Westside High School counseling department. We can be found upstairs at Westside High School, just past the main office.

Why speak with a counselor? We are here for you. Whatever concerns you have-from academic, to personal to career-we're here to help. You can come to your counselor and share your concerns and get help in addressing them. Students can sign up for a time with their counselor by signing up on their door in the Counseling Center.

Upcoming Important Dates & Events


?? Add/Drop Deadline


26 Diploma name change deadline (extended)


1 Buffett Scholarship closes

1 UNL Scholarship Statement deadline

1 Counseling Scholarships Open

18 Teacher Work Day - NO SCHOOL

21 President's Day - NO SCHOOL


10-11 Conferences - NO SCHOOL

Who is my counselor?

Counselors and administrators work in teams to help meet your students' needs. Most of the counselors work in pairs, with one focusing on your student's academic needs and the other on social emotional needs, in addition to their assigned dean. Please see below to identify your child's support team, which is based on their assigned counselor.

Assigned Counselor

Mrs. Cunningham (S/E) >>Dr. Londer (Academic)>>Mrs. Schau/ Mr. Rhodes(Dean)

Mr. Dondlinger (S/E)>>Ms. Toner (Academic)>>Mr. Dada/Mr. Wane (Deans)

Mr. Henningsen (S/E)>>Mrs. Stover (Academic)>>Mr. Metzler/Mr. Rhodes(Dean)

Mrs. Hatch (Academic & S/E) >>Mrs. Rasgorshek (Dean)

Daily Schedule

Westside Safe Schools Hotline 402-390-2118