Personal Finance

Course Teachers:

Mr. Froendt - Mrs. Dworak - Mr. Metzler - Mr. Jeseritz

Teacher desks are located in the Business/Social Studies IMC.

Course Objective:

In order to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge in personal business management so that they will live more effectively in the business world. Students taking Personal Finance will demonstrate an understanding of:

· the career decision making process.

· money management, including budgeting, banking, saving, and investing.

· risk management, including property and automobile insurance.

· credit management.

Course Policies:


It is the students’ responsibility to communicate with their teacher about any absences. Students will have two days to make up work for every day missed.

Assignments and projects are expected to be turned in on time. Students that expect to receive credit for late work should check with the teacher prior to or soon after a missed deadline.


Each unit will consist of formative assignments utilized for the students to practice and gain proficiency on a particular concept. Once it is felt the students are proficient, the teacher will give a summative assessment in the form of quizzes, tests, and projects.

Students who receive a letter grade of a D+ or lower on a summative assignment has the option to relearn the material and be retested. A student who chooses to relearn the material must contact the teacher within 3 days of receiving the grade. The highest grade a student can receive for completing the relearn is a C.

Graduation Requirement

Students must pass this course to graduate from Westside High School.